Where is everyone in the pre-sale line?

Strobe just sent us our spots. I’m number 36 for Cinci. So far.

6 for Cinci, muahhaahahahah

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85 in Boston. Drat! I didn’t preorder. I kinda feel like LPU isn’t much of an advantage anymore.


I was at 7 when I first got the email, I’m at 24 now. If anyone want to be a pal that hasn’t referred anyone yet, you can refer me at https://presale.linkinpark.com/entry?code=1 with jor736

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I’m #1,398 in Boston, MA

Last time I checked, I was at 102 for Dallas

I’m jealous!

#6 in Vegas.

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whoa, i just refreshed and stuff… now i’m #79!!!

does anyone know about ticket sales? can i buy 2 ticket with a pre sale access???

You can buy 4 tickets for one show.
And I just moved to #40. It’s been a bear trying to get people referred. It looks like it doesn’t count unless they link through their Ticketmaster accounts and I think that seems weird to some of my friends. “What does it want that for?” I’ll probably drop again shortly. :expressionless:


I was 5th in DC when I first got the link. Now I’m 7th. I’m not exactly a social butterfly so I will probably fall pretty far on the list. I hate contests like this.


I am#3 in Montreal !! :grin:


#1 in Nevada :grin:


Dang you switched your city?

Numero uno in Uncasville :heart_eyes:


I WAS number 1 in Cincinnati for awhile, just dropped down to 2, then 3… i have so many people referred, and I bought the album a couple more times…


Yeah I was in top 10 in San Jose so switched over and it was a lot better over here
I’m halfway between the two and it’s a fun lil getaway both ways haha

I JUST moved back up to #1 for Cincinnati! I keep going back and forth this is so stressful!!