Where is everyone in the pre-sale line?

I clawed my way to 13th for Cinci.
A good portion of people I’ve tried to refer have given me the old, “I don’t sign up for things” reply. Sigh.
Yeah. . . this is stressful. I did it for Depeche Mode and it was not pretty.
At least LP offers things to the top five whereas DM would only meet #1 and, in some cities, #2 and #3 depending on how everything went down with the epic amounts of cheating that happened per show. They’ve made changes though so I don’t see this one having nearly the issues overall.

Im #8 in Vancouver :grinning:

Im #87 anybody want to help me out?
Enter code mig076 and ill enter yours in mine

I don’t believe you can enter someone’s who entered yours

I think it might be possible
Unless someone else I referred purchased stuff, I’m positive I got credit from @tenkaichi well after I added his code
It just took a bit longer for it to process or update(at least 24hours)
Best of luck having people help! :+1:

I bought the $150 deluxe package so I’m sure you got some decent points from that

Can anyone tell me how ticket sites are already selling LP concert tickets? Presale hasn’t even happened yet

Prices are all over the place on those third party sites
Live nation don’t have any info yet

Number 26 for now was hoping for a meet and greet again looks like that is out…hershey pa show thank god since my 5 year old is named Linkin lol

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You named your kid linkin?! That’s awesome!
Someone on news today was named darth Vader and they were doing a story cause of may 4th lol
Linkin though…:+1::+1: bad@** :sweat_smile:

Number 80, San Jose. I was at 71…

Cool to see somebody close by finally! Just a heads up, the San Jose one is crowded if you don’t mind a drive, the Tahoe one is less people
I’m #10 currently in San Jose but keep flipping between 1 and 2 in Tahoe

Yeah been a fan forever as well. I seen Lp now 7 times got chose for meet and greet in 2008 which was awesome just got my lp tattoo shortly before hand Chester liked it. I have an lp tattoo, Linkin spelled out on my arm and also went to mtvs only festival in maryland years back for dead by sunrise that logo/symbol I have on left arm. I was astonished when I got picked for meet and greet as we know its not easy. Best shows for me with them so far was 3rd row for project revolution 2007 in bristow, virginia with my chemical romance and alot of others, the meet and greet show philly at wachovia center at the time that was thousand suns tour and finally minutes to midnight madison square garden new york sold out show with jag z lol


Wish I could, but it’s a bit too far.:expressionless:

Some asshat (yeah, screw em!) keeps getting my #1 spot in San Diego. Whoever you are, without getting into specifics, trust me I have more money than you. You literally cannot beat me. Settle for #2.

(Yeah, I keep buying albums to beat them out)


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It’s you! What are you doing in Tahoe?! Lol

No it wasn’t me lol, I just did that to give you shit lmao, don’t worry I’ll switch back to San Diego. I’m just “hiding” so those other clowns think they’re ahead.

Lmao I woulda felt better if it was you then but now I know I’ve got someone over here too lol
Outta nowhere I got bumped from 1 to 4 I was like WTF
I’m back up to 2

What are you gonna do with all the extra albums? I’d do the same if I wasn’t broke lol. I’ve been referring every person I know basically, so that’s my strategy. I’m still strong at #1 though!

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