Personal Projects

The thread title speaks for itself, this is a thread for my personal projects, they won’t be limited to RC and Lego but anything interesting that I happen to be working on. I’ll be keeping this post updated.

Feel free to ask any questions. I’m expecting a fair few about the terminology used.


Note 2 / Edit (4/1/18): Due to the amount of content in this post not actually fitting and me requiring too many links to lower posts I am now going to only provide a link to my site for all project info. Other thread activities will remain unaltered.



Awesome thread! I like how extensive and detailed you’ve made it. I really hope that Trail of Death will actually work, that would be hilarious!


Thanks, once I started I couldn’t really stop myself. :sweat_smile: As for TOD, I could probably make it since I only need a couple of pieces. It might take some time though with uni coming up for me. The main problem with TOD is that it will be painfully slow.


Doesn’t matter, its main objective is leaving a trail of legos :smile:


I’d buy a Lego Based Chessboard

Not played in a while but id still get it

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I knew you are a genius… :smile: Hellhound is my favourite ! With the flamethrower… like a superhero car! Aaaand… 'cause I appreciate your fantasy with the fuel… :joy:

:flushed: ehm… poor dogs… :sweat_smile:

I like the chess board too! Want that pieces! :star_struck:


Lego chess boards do exist, but they’re a bit gimmicky in that they use lego minifigures.

EDIT: @lpfan61 if you want I can send you the file for the chessboard.

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im in the lego store way too often with the excuse that im taking my little brother to the club meetings :stuck_out_tongue:


you sir have too much time on your hands :joy: im kidding just a bit jealous cause i havent had much time to play lol
all the projects are pretty cool-usually any engineering majors i meet stick to theoretical and have never held tools or parts in their hands
have you ever thought of building one of those fighting bots? ive been tempted to make something from scratch but again never have time…high school before i started working was when I was active building and competing vehicles like that…no parts from scratch just the designs but was still fun :sweat_smile:


Your chess board is different from the one @framos1792 shared… seems to be more “light”… ( don’t know if I used the right adjective… ) more easy to use…

Q: does it work like a videogame? Or is it like a “demo” project?
Q2: do you really would send a personal project to me?? You’re too kind… :blush:

Hmm, I must’ve missed that one. Thanks for bringing it up.

Well the file is just a design file that you have to open in the design software (which is free) and I guess if you’re patient enough you could move the pieces around to play a game but it’s not ideal since that’s not the purpose of the software.

I don’t mind sending it since it’s nothing major that I’m looking to keep to myself. I was asking if you wanted it in case you wanted to build it yourself. The software has an instruction generating function but it is terrible hence why I’d send you the whole file. So you can see all of it in 3D and can disect it.

The only problem is that the parts are stupid expensive hence why it isn’t a physical build.

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Would be awesome! If you think that I could make it… :relaxed: but I would like to try it… :star_struck:

@the_termin8r it is really a very organized thread. I appreciate you for that. Really best organized thread i have seen…

My favorites
RC - hellhound
Lego project - unnamed car. (Thats extremely nice. )

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Cool. Send me an email to and tell me here when you do because I don’t check that account. I’ll send you the files needed and a software download link.

I’ll actually update the OP with a download link and my decoy email as well as other useful links when I get on my laptop (I’m on mobile at the moment).

If anyone else wants files then you can do the same unless you have my private email then you can send me a message there. Or message me if you have my phone number.


Ok! When I’ll send you the mail I’ll tell you! Thank you so much in advance! :blush:

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Just updated the OP with a section for links and other such stuff at the bottom.

@the_termin8r this is awesome! I love all the projects and can’t wait to see what more you come up with! Keep creating!


Same agreeing with @AJ_7 . they are nice links.

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Mail sent! :blush:

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