New Friends Group

Welcome to LPU :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi everyone! Sorry I’m so late to reply. Im doin fine. :slightly_smiling_face::star_struck: Happy because it’s almost my continuation and schools almost out! I’m so excited! Thank you @theearlywalker @StephLP18 @alz89 @moocho @melisLP I’m doin great hbu? @lpfan61 @the_termin8r How are u? U wanna be friends? @LP13413 Hiiii!! @IronSoldier16 Thank you for the news!


Welcome to the forums! I’m sure you’ll love being around here

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I’m cool, thanks. And sure.

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@AJ_7 I’m already loving it! Thank you! @the_termin8r thats good. What kinda things do you like to do?

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I like to torture and murder people. I’m an engineering student, so anything that makes me work with my hands to be honest. I’m into RC cars at the moment, feel free to check out my project thread.

How about you?


Im a big big big fan of Linkin Park. Although, I’ve never been to a real concert. I planned on going. I love to debate and I’d like to be a lawyer when I grow up. Im also interested in photography and fashion designing. I also like to meet new people. Thats why I asked for ur request!:kissing_heart:

@theearlywalker are u going to the concert that Mike Shinoda will be attending? I wish I could go. :sob:

@susan316 HIIIII

yes, me and some of the soldiers are gonna go there :+1:

@theearlywalker kuuu u should tell me about it

check it out here

Mike in Paris - 24.08.18

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@myapz hieududhncu8enqwrnrducfuiq

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Nice. Thanks. I wont be able to go tho

@susan316 HIIIIIIII susan i saw u just awhile ago it was so funny outside

I hope all yall have a good weekend! I’ll be back next week. Feel free to contact me anytime over the weeken. I’ll be on the computer so feel welcomed.

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i hope you have a nice weekend too

Have a great weekend!

Thank you everyone! I had an amazing weekend. How bout y’all?

Meh, studying for exams.