Mike in Paris - 24.08.18


Hey guys :grinning:

Seems like Paris is the choice for some of us to see Mike performing his posttraumatic album. :tada: Let’s take the opportunity to go there together and enjoy the event with friends. :hugs: We can talk about the when and where and how now here in this thread - ( I already felt like spamming others :joy:) so thats why I set up a seperate topic now - because it’s worth it :heart:️ and a place to get into the hype.:tada:. naturally everyone is invited to participate… and now jump on the hype train with singing out loud:

:microphone: … and to get there means crossing a line- so we’ll crossing a line :heart_eyes:

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I wish I could go but that’s just to far but if you see mike would you gave him a big hug :hugs: form Stephanie aka @turners34

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I am so hyped …we will see him :heart_eyes:


I’m happy for you guys! It’s awesome to see how LP and Mike continue to bring people together. Now let’s hope he will also do LPU meet and greets :grinning:


It Will be amazing And everyone that can go have a wonderful time


Yes, I am so happy :heart_eyes: and hyped :star_struck: and even more because @Gatsie will go there too, that means :tada::tada: :confetti_ball: party :cocktail: :beers: :notes: :dancer:t2:, and to meet you guys is already BIG - to see Mike then on top is making it EPIC :tada::love_you_gesture:t2::dancing_women:‍♀️ :dizzy: :champagne::dart::cyclone:, and even if he isn’t doing an exclusive lpu m&g, I pray that he does one at all :pray:t2:


AHOOOO! So awesome @theearlywalker!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Very excited yes! And so nice to finally hang out with you again!! It will be a nice trip :smiley: :heavy_heart_exclamation::heart_eyes:

My French however is not so good so I’m trying to figure out what ticket to get :see_no_evil: Google Translate only makes it less understandable, lol! I am leaning to just order for the day Mike is taking the stage on 24-08-2018… What about you, dear?


@gatsie If you need translation, don’t hesitate to ask for! I’m french. :wink:

Billetterie > Billet Jour Vendredi 24 Août (ticket just for friday)

Then you have three different tickets:

  • BILLET JOUR VIP CASCADE-RES (89€): special line to enter into the event, best place for some shows (depends on the free place left), special area only accessible for VIP tickets (with a bar, WC, foodtruck, free wifi etc…), one free drink, 20% discount on the festival goods (doesn’t include artists goods) they are selling

  • BILLET JOUR PLEIN TARIF - RES (59€): standard ticket

  • BILLET JOUR TARIF REDUIT - RES (39€): only for those who have less than 18years old (ID card required), students who are studiyng in France (student card required)


thats great news mike shinoda is starting a tour already and his album just started to get released thats great!


Heeya @gatsie it will be incridible :heart_eyes: and this time a show on top :tada:- is your bro joining too? Gonna msg you on IG- Bazz Bazz Bazookas :joy:- awww dear, it’ll be just unforgettable :heart:️ and thanx for the translation @Lilyope :hugs: I bought the vip tickets :tada:

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You’re welcome! :hugs:

I bought the standard ticket because I couldn’t afford the VIP ticket.


So technically i couöd just buy the one for 59 and hope he will make a meet and greet or not?


:heart_eyes: Ohh yes, I pray for it to happen :pray:t2:


@Lilyope Thank you so much dear for translating! I totally misunderstood everything thanks to google translate but your translation really helped making sense of it :smiley:

@theearlywalker WAHOO! So nice you already got VIP tickets!! :smile: :smiley: I will buy standard tickets. Am waiting for my brother to make a decision if he wants to join, otherwise I’ll just go without him :wink:

Who else is joining?!?! So excited for this! :smiley: :laughing::rofl:


Awwwww, so cool :sunglasses: so awwwww cool man, :heart_eyes: :confetti_ball:, will we drive there together? I mean, that would be the opportunity to do our roadtrip finally, :bus: Giuliana and me are planning 4 weeks in a trailer crossing Europe- final destination is Paris then… :tada::dancing_women:‍♀️ :man_dancing: the route isn’t planned yet, sooo … let’s do it!!! :confetti_ball:


That is so cool! You are taking Giuliana with too? She must be so excited for the trip too! Would totally be nice to drive together to there, yes! :smiley: :star_struck::rofl:

But… Hooray for stupid bosses… Unfortunately from work I cannot take more than maybe 4 days off. I could stretch it to a week perhaps but I will hear this hopefully next week. :confounded: Fingers crossed!! :crossed_fingers:


:heart_eyes: :hugs: :heart:️Awww cool- and 4 days are better than nothing and yes, we are both excited, I pray for your boss to give you a week dear… :crossed_fingers:t2: awwwww sooo awesome- :sunny:️ we will do it :tada:, you join plug tonight? Maybe we can talk there?!! :dancing_women:‍♀️ :notes::champagne: @gatsie

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Hey friends.
I am quite new to this forum, but thought this might be the right place to share my enthusiasm. I also got a ticket to see Mike and would be super happy to meet some fellow fans. I can’t wait for the concert :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the LPU forum :slight_smile: