Playing with the Drawing tools!

Yeah I can’t draw to save my life I can write lyrics and sing but can’t draw

I can’t do that either :joy: :joy: :joy:

Then what is your hidden talent cause everyone has one

I have a couple of skills, no talents :stuck_out_tongue:

Then what are your skills

Well I’m good with my hands, I find it fairly easy to design and build things. I can troubleshoot practical things, understanding how things work comes more naturally to me.

This sort of stuff:


Just looked at same of your Lego creations and I am impressed you’re good with your hands no wonder why your an engineer

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Because it’s pretty much the only thing I can tolerate that doesn’t bore me out of my skull :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry Rob but you are an artist, at least you have its complex: Believe and say that you work sucks and it’s the worst piece of s**t on the Earth, but everyone says it’s great and excellent. Welcome to the incomprehensible world of an artist jaja.


Ok, it’s not that bad, but it’s still pretty shoddy.

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That’s awesome! Looks like a printed one… great work. :smiley::smiley:

@the_termin8r your drawings isn’t that bad ya… :wink::wink: @framos1792 advice will work ya… its nice lil’ flower…

Lol… i am gonna study that topic for tmro! :sweat_smile:

You can create RC is more than big deal… not my cuppa tea… lol

I guess being bad at art is a side effect of being an electrical/electronic engineer. :joy:


Nicely done!

Finished this at last.
Another comission. I like this one a lot:


0_0 That shading.


That’s a photo right?
It really doesn’t looks like sketch… and now this is called mind blowing! O-O


A drawing. I just wanted to know, what I am capable of:


Omg! That’s really incredible! Agreed with @the_termin8r ! This shading is…so well done…so awesome… you’re really skillful! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Thank you guys. This time I am close to 100% satisfied with it. Didn’t do a bigger format for a long time (this one is A4), same about drawing b&w portraits with smuge shading. Really nice to look at it.


Absolutely!!! :heart_eyes:

Could I make a question?
Do you use guidelines to be sure about proportions? Because I didn’t see them in your sketches…apart 1 or 2 really generic… :thinking:

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