Once Upon A Story [4.5]

But Chester the molester had learned some tricks on his own.

Just ask Monkey Shinoda

These leaked images had the police alerted and they visited where the band was performing. They asked for Chester and took him under arrest.
The show was about to start, and the organizers had to delay the early entry winners a chance to get in as well.
Mike, who was running late with Aoki & was on his way to the concert area, was alerted by the band. He stopped the vehicle & negotiated a deal to arrest Chester post the show. The police agreed.
While Mike & Chester were returning to the show, they see a girl standing out with wet denims, outside Starbucks.

Indeed, Chester The Molester had been practicing his molestation skills for a long time now…

Joe Hahn woke up in the hospital, screaming. Thankfully all the previous events; from the tator tots falling from the sky to Dirty Mario to Chester getting arrested, they were just mall just part of a weird dream in his head. Or was it? Confused, Joe looked around and saw a nurse next to his bed.

“Nurse can I please have my laptop?” Joe asked.

The nurse smiled. She grabbed his bag where his laptop was in and gave it to him. Joe thanked the nurse and put the laptop on his lap, opened it and logged onto his account.

But then this happened:

OT: My god, I don’t think in reality Mr Hahn, or anybody for the matter, would bother to uninstall IE, much less in this manner. My W10 has both Microsoft Edge & IE11 :frowning: - couldn’t uninstall IE11 cuz it’s damaged, couldn’t download anything through IE11.

Noooooooooo!!! Joe Hahn realized that by destroying his laptop, he destroyed the files pertaining to Mall 2. Shit he’ll need to start filming all over again. Screw it, there won’t be a Mall 2, period.

How about the LP & FM files (for the new albums coming up obviously)? Looks like Mr. Hahn may have to rerecord his DJ scratching parts for both LP & FM, but fortunately pretty much 99% of the stuff is backed up in Mike’s computer - Mike won’t trust himself with Joe.

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Matthew 7:7 knock ask and it shall be given is this a good knock knock joke

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