The Rhyming Game

the mood is often hard to take
but pay attention when get awake

I can’t take this anymore
So please don’t hurt me anymore

i never wanted hurting you
the fuck is that we both still do
I have no solution to the facts
online there is no way to talk it out,
but one thing here for Sure:
I never wanted hurting you
and if it has happen, I say sorry, pleas samuel don´t stay in worry
I won´t attack neither noone, cause I´m godsbelivier, that´s my leader

It’s certainly Easier To Run
From the problems right in front
But I’m not a coward that Runaways
From the worries & troubled possibilités
Wounds don’t always heal by themselves
We have to heal them wounds ourselves
Whether it’s Paranoia beneath your skin
Or 1000 Fears Crawling in your skin
We’re gonna heal each and every one
Even if it heals One By One By One

ok as I ressume we are agreeing, that it changes bad to good and otherways, but we disagree at the point, where an official fan forum of soldiers of justice, wisdome and love. Sometimes it must be without publik to get at the point, we have no possibility for such a talk inhere, so for me it´s ok to be online here with you, I try to be how I am, and we´re lookin, if it works, awaiting XV for new beginning of beeing soldiers, no more but no less in the end, hope I wrote it understandably, :confetti_ball:

So there’s no possibility
that Dear Ms Carciani
can message me?

Cuz. Mr. Leiter can receive messages
but he cannot send back messages
What use is there of one-way messages?

Is there also no possibility
of Dear Ms Carciani
continuing the Once Upon A Time 4.5 story? :frowning:

Sorry, I don’t do no stories, “no fiction only truth, fuck the world before it fucks you!”

The quote is from Tell me who by Blacklistt

Not talking to you. I’m talking to @The_early_walker (formerly @P_Carciani)

Oh, lol. I was continuing the game haha.

I don’t give a shit about the way that I laugh

because the shrill of it will cut the world into half.

[OT: Please check the language you are using as there might be underage people reading into these texts.]

TOTALLY OFF TOPIC and not for @amitrish, sorry wrong reply tagged on

tHIS WHOLE POST IS AT @samuel_the_leader
Alright with me no way to get provoke me anymore, none never cause I´d let it go into hells fire, and the smoke that turned out was white one…
Yes, my name is Patrizia Carciani
I´m born on 19.12.1967
my right arm is “off function” after a car accident at he age of 6 years
it destroys my whole family but
I made it up and I´m proud of it
any more need of personal information here online? go on asking, that´s the best way to get an answer, and from up now buddy, I ignore you, please stop tagging me or reply to my posts, thats my last post I adresse to ya.

Woah, let bring it down a bit. Chill guys.

PL not meaning it bad, but the less people enter or may stay on this or that side wouldn´t help ending the process , it is like it is and there is an end of a road achieved, wrong word, but I hope you get it right, it´s nothing to do with forum of lpu so that´s my really last post on this theme

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be

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for the first time I think 4 of us are online, and for what? Fighting.

sry but as @gatsie said que sera sera…

Here’s a smile from Mike Shinoda

thought it is the rhyming game thread? Bit confused, as seen in my pic,
but I do a rhyme

a rhyme as little as can be
to help the soul to see