The Rhyming Game

Let’s write a long poem together. Everyone gets to post a line [sentence] that preferably rhymes with the previous post and so on. Ok here goes, I’ll started:

Everything you say to me,

Takes me one step closer to the edge…

That doesn’t really rhyme

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Yeah, after I post it and then went back to the home page I was like ‘ohhhhhh’.

Welllllll only one thing to do…

(Snaps @Gatsie neck)
(Snaps @TripleXero neck)

Everything you say to me…

You need a little bit of @chesterbe

is making me more clear to see

Who you’re truly meant to be…

ot hi eva, good morning @evooba
ot 2:@Gatsie if we go on with rhyming on e, it´s boring, can we make also double sentences which fits in a rhythm or so?
For example right no
… so what You make me going thrue, may not be my own bad rule…

and who you’re meant to be nobody

@Gatsie How many lines before a chorus and how many lines in a chorus? Also, when does the bridge come in?

But all I ever see is just another lemon tree


Dude, its an ongoing poem. It’s not a song. So to come up with a chorus and bridge I think would be a bit… Difficult.?.

It’s more tricky if everyone is only allowed to add one line at a time. It of course requires patience :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, one line or sentence can be as long as you please. Just as long as it is one line… ]

Sorry, my bad. All the other posts make it sound like a song.

Poems and songs have similarities indeed.

So I’m gonna drink my tea in peace…

And then I remembered that coffee was at least five times better than tea.

(‘least’ was the closest I got to a rhyme for peace).

As I feel the sunshine fall down on me…

While sitting in the porch, under a tree…

[This part seems to be a rap to me]

watchin’ it burn down in front of me

Sweeping fallen leaves…

…as my dream dies, and the eternal pain lives.

This gives myself some kind of hope