The Rhyming Game


To cope with the unknown…


the thought of which chills me to the bone


And it forces me to be alone


but then it home, the realization that “solitude is freedom” :copyright:


and one day, you and me will be one!


And then one day there’ll be no one


No one to call your own, like melting in the snow? (Lol I know it doesn’t make sense)


Doe a deer a female deer


A rumbling sound disrupts the atmosphere


Tonight is the night of the hunter


so I even break the lights arround her


as I watch her weep and wallow I await the hunter’s arrival, as he feeds of eternal fear and sorrow


Wearing a tuxedo with a bow…


because I want to look nice before I go :laughing:

OT: This is some weird person we’re imagining here. Some girl who’s wearing a tux, crying in the dark whilst waiting for some hunter to kill her :joy:


So we women wanna go, plea the taff guy to go so


for tomorrow there shall be ‘no more sorrow’


An awful smells is stinking up the room.


Waiting for you to come through…


Clear away the emptiness and make me feel new


I will shed my skin, and let you see my bones