Can you touch your shoulders?

A: I’ve never gotten drunk. I always stop drinking the minute I feel even the slighest bit of dizziness. Getting drunk is plain irresponsible and stupid. You can have fun drinking without getting wasted.

Q: Do you keep your stuff (wallet, cell, etc) in a pursue/backpack/bag of some sort or in your pockets?

A: Pockets, I don’t like carrying stuff in my hands. Right now I have a jacket with enough pockets and two absolutely huge inside pockets 28.5 (l) x 24 (h) cm and they expand a lot so i can’t measure the depth. I could smuggle almost whatever I want into college with it lol and everybody will be none the wiser. The only thing is that I have nothing to smuggle and if I wanted to I’d use my enormous backpack.

Q: What sort of friends did you have in high school?

A: The awkward type, the ones no one wanted to be friends with cause they weren’t “cool” enough.

Q: Blanket or duvet?

A: Duvet

Q: Puffy or flat pillow?

A both puffy one when I jump into bed for a good nights sleep, flat if I like to look tv or reading
Q what helps you to come up on your feed in he morning?

A: This forum. :wink:

Q: @Gatsie, @amitrish, @The_early_walker, do y’all mind continuing Once Upon A Story [4.5]?

ot hi samuel
A no me not, thats why I set the end on post 700, it had ran out at this point in my oppinion
Q Why do ya post such ugly kinda photos? Once your toe and now your knee, on such a near format. For what reason do you show yourself this way

A: Admittedly I’m ugly, even uglier than that pic of @TripleXero - No wonder I usually don’t look in the mirror.
But ur numerous posts about human waste is even uglier…

U still posted in the Once Upon A time 4 before it was closed down temporarily due to vandalism by @intheend

Q: Why do you contradict yourself?

Q: How badly are you misunderstood?

I didn’t say I was ugly, just it was a bad picture :pensive:

A: It depends

Q: Your breaking point?

@TripleXero I said it in a post before I like this pic, cause it shows you what you are, a nice long haired guy, but, as I even post before, I´d like to see a twinkle of laugh in your eyes, you seemed to be a lil stresses, sry, this is not meant to be criticsm, it´s just my inner own rating, which don´t shall hurt noone!

Yes, I can relate to that, hence why I’ve given up on appearance lol.

A lot of people misunderstand my jokes because they usually have a sly answer that requires a bit of thinking.

Badly violating my personal space or really screwing about with me. But I take forever to break.

Q: How many times have you truly lost your temper before?

A: Quite a few

Q: Do you collect anything?

A: CDs

Q: Do you like chip/crisp sandwiches (i.e. a sandwich with potato chips/crisps in it)?

A1: CDs


the rest:

And I’m waiting for: Castle Of Glass, What I’ve Done
Phedora - The House Of Ink CD and release of Annoyance&Dissapointment by Dawid Podsiadło

A2: I never ate something like this

Q: What do you often eat for dinner?

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Oh well, I should have been more specific in my q, my bad.

Hell to the yeah! So damn good!!

A: Depends on my mood and what I’ve had the rest of the day. Sometimes nothing, sometimes just a snack (i.e. a salad or a toast) and sometimes food (usually when I skip lunch)

Q: A really weird food/recipe someone had you try and was delicious?


This is mine (LP on the left, all else on the right):

This is what they look like in my rack (them empty slots are for CDs I want to get, I’m very OCD about my rack order. The ones that didn’t quite make the rack are in the box):

Note: There are 2-4 discs in a couple of the cases. Also, that black box with the green space ship in the second to last pic is just a pencil case full of junk that might come in useful sometime.

A: I haven’t tried anything out of the ordinary

Q: Strangest thing you saw today?

#I do not have any regulation of doing such a thing…oh yeah, the only one who can make fun of @TripleXero is me.

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Well… Let’s move on then.

Q: Do you like monkeys?