Once Upon A Time [3]: Reloaded

[OT: a quick question: do we leave it here, take a break and return for #4 in the OUaT franchise? The story seems to be at a good point. This is just an idea.



OT: it´s just passed thrue, but nobody listen…, righ t@samuel_the_leader?! :kissing: all passes by,
let´s gonna have a look how to leave from here @gatsie asks the others! Or did your uncle have a jumbo jet for transporting us all together?

He shrugged his shoulders ,don´t really know, but how many are we? only us five and the squarepant-starfish desaster, and theBrowns, @samuel_the_leader thought on, so let´s have me see my i-phone, when I get connection, I call him and order one, thats no really pob, guys!

Everybody breathes out, puhhhh, it was such a silly, weired situation, and now a solution, so grabbable, so near, they looked at each other and got a laughing kick altogether,

the Browns, Scotty Tumnus @Gatsie @amitrish, Mr, by the way, @samuel_the_leader and the early alker, they alltogetheer get a real near circle, embracing each others and had a great feeling inside their circle, really specialo feelings, sm tears are flowing but it all get into the swirl, as squarepant and spongie gave the fire space tto burn

But the good vibes suddenly got disrupted by the pilot muttering 2 words of distress.

“Oh crap…” the pilot sounded suddenly.

The group of friends looked at each other, each of them worried to what was going on. For the 2 words of distress by the pilot didn’t sound too promising.

“What’s the matter?” asked Scotty Tumnus finally.
“I’m afraid I am running out of fuel. I won’t be able to fly you all home just yet and must make a quick landing at the nearest airport to refill the tank of the plane.” explained the pilot.
“How is that possible?” asked @samuel_the_leader worried.
“I guess I wasn’t expecting the flight to take this long.” the pilot said.
“What’s the nearest airport then?” asked Spongebob.


I too was thinking the same… Perhaps we could make post 700 a big surprising ending and then just stop and move to a new thread? Would be cool :slight_smile: ]

“The next airport”, mh, crck cr the connection wasn´t really good, “I reach at ab 1/2 hour, meant to be Rykyavik!” @samuel_the_leader uncle was good mooded, pack all your things and friends, samuel, mb one hour I´ll be there, you must be easts,ided from me, so, make a space clear at the beach, that I can make this wonderful toy, I bought that baby even two weeks ago,

…its soo much fun for me, I love it, flying it, Samuels uncle said

…then in about three hour, nephew, than I´ll save you and your friends! Prepair everything, that we can leave before the engine spent!" then everything becomes a really relaxed mood, Scotty Tumnus and Samuel prepairing together with @amitrish and Spongy and Patrick the runway, then everybody uses a break
Scotty and Gatsie

@samuel_the_leader, smoking a big cigarre

Mr. @amitrish

Spongy and Patrick

they managed to tinker sme balloons for welcomming the 90 jear old hero, saving them
and the Browns

and the early walker
reading cards with herself, as the planme came inside

(ot1 pl no more desaster only keeping them save posts are allowed, they all had to recover)

[ot 2 @gatsie all ok with me unless the story starts a lil more peacefull, maybe so kind of somwhere over the rainbow…]

Yup how’d u know, Uncle Nigel was the pilot (yup I planned for him to be the pilot), and speaking of Iceland (Reykjavik), I have a scar shaped like Iceland

“So what island in the Atlantic did we arrive from?” @samuel_the_leader asked.

Meanwhile, Uncle Nigel (my uncle) was discussing their flight plans now: “Ok from here onwards, everybody is going their separate ways.” said Uncle Nigel. “So me, @samuel_the_leader, @The_early_walker, @Gatsie & @amitrish would be taking a flight back to Europe (and then take separate flights back to their respective towns/cities, @samuel_the_leader is visiting Uncle Nigel’s house in the UK for a bit). Doc Brown and his son needs to hire ppl to go help fix the Time Machine Train, so after returning to America to find technicians to help, they would be returning to that remote island to guide those assistants in fixing the Time Machine Train. Meanwhile on the other side, those ppl who are on that speed boat, they have arrived in NYC. LP and their families, Lorenzo and Lulu would take a flight back to L.A. (Hiro is coming along with Aunt Funny, but then after landing in L.A. he would take another flight from L.A. to Tokyo)”

(If you’re not sure why we suddenly need to take commercial passenger jets to go back home, actually the plane was damaged, so we’re not gonna use it anymore.)

(OT: Sorry about this tragic plot twist - was reading about the plane incident after LP’s tour in China had ended. :frowning: )

When suddenly @samuel_the_leader wakes up mid flight, and sees @amitrish, @gatsie, @Susannchen & @The_early_walker in the flight. amitrish seems to be going on a business trip, @gatsie & @Susannchen are chatting together in animated actions. @The_early_walker is asking her kids to be quiet :stuck_out_tongue:
He finds himself in a Hawaiian shirt and cargo, “Given Up” playing on his phone, and is not sure if all these almost 700 posts were nothing but a dream.

@samuel_the_leader rubbed in his eyes and looked around the plane once more. He missed a few people. Where was Doc Brown and his son? And where are Patrick Starfish, Sponge Bob nor Scotty Tumnus? In confusion he got up from his seat. When he looked down at his feet, he did not see a bionic foot. Just the flip flops he was wearing.

“Was it just a dream?” he asked out loud.

he looked over to @susannchen and @gatsie, still snattering, laughing, wearing short trousers also,
@amitrish, reading an e-book and getting a drink

and @The_early_walker and her child, sitting beneath her and her husband…

no bionic arm, her old one still hanging on the right side, hääääääääääääääää? @samuel_the_leader thougt and was confused, when the stewardess arrived and asked very frienndly,

ah, sir you´re wokwn up now, may you have sth do drink?
Where I am? asks @samuel_the_leader to the friendly stewardess

(OT: how did you know last night I dozed off while listening to LP instrumentals?)

Maybe this has being put into effect, Doc Brown has successfully worked his evil atrophy my memory from my mind ploy.

So there wasn’t any need for a bionic foot after all.

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So he enjoys his ice cold coca-cola, relaxes a bit longer, cause he knew deep inside a very smoothy, lucky, likely feeling. He felt kinda exiting, where the plane gonna land in the end, as all the other passengers, too…@amitrish, @samuel_the_leader @Gatsie and newerdays @Susannchen and me @The_early_walker :relaxed:

(OT: @The_early_walker why must you post at the exact same time, time and again???)

Not hanging, my bad. A right hand goes and slap me in the face. @The_early_walker’s right hand.


@The_early_walker was like, “Wake up, @samuel_the_leader, wake up!!!”

“Alright I’m up. What’s up @The_early_walker?” @samuel_the_leader asked. "Isn’t it supposed to be autumn? Why am I



Wait which post is actually 700? (Note circled in red)

Anyway the next person, do the 700th party post, cuz I sometimes also have same connectivity problems as my phone (had to reset a few times)

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Only a dream??? @samuel_the_leader do you have always such weird dreams ?

Can’t wait to read more.

Haha @Susannchen it’s only a story. In reality I usually don’t dream at all.

part 4 was quite short but there’s a part 4.5 in the make. if you want you may join/read along :smile:


I will :grinning: