Can you touch your shoulders?

Anyone been to the IamA on Reddit with Mike Shinoda the other day? I could not help but chuckle at his little intro on it, especially the first line was hilarious to me for some reason.

So uhm… Let’s like, ask eachother silly questions like the ones Mike got served the other day? And then like, the one who replies gets to ask another question and so on. I think there was a similar game on this forum but couldn’t find it so, boo-ha haha.

Ok, I’ll just start with this one:

Can you touch your left shoulder with your left hand and your right shoulder with your right hand?


well, can I do it first? haha
A: I can. I’m very soft :smiley:
Q: Have you ever broken any bones?
(I’m new for this forum. Am I doing it right?)

@ZezeChang, welcome to the forums, you’re definitely doing it right! :smile:

A: So far I’ve never broken a single bone, thankfully.
Q: What’s your sandwich topping?

Lol jkjk. Yesterday’s topping was some bacon al& cheese with a little bit of onion & some lettuce.

Q: Do u have a scar?

It’s not so clear now, but a few years ago, it prominently looked like the shape of Iceland - go & rotate pic 90° anticlockwise)

Ug, I hate tomatos ;).

A: Yes.
Q: What job did you want to become as a child?

edit: Ok, I see the flaws in the grammar. But you get what I mean?

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@samuel_the_leader I love your sandwich topping but without bacon :slight_smile:

A : A job that can take me to the whole world… lol
Q : Which foreign language you want to learn?

A: Japanese (I tried to teach myself a few years ago but only managed the basics, it’s damn hard to do so on my own but no time for actual lessons with a teacher).

Q: Your house is on fire. You can only grab one thing to save. What is it?


A: I’d save my rabbit.

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: orange
B: what or who must be by your side, when you go to the dentist?

A: Nobody

B: What´s your worst hair color you´ve ever had?

A: Skunk. As in, I tried to dye my hair blond, but only the roots became blond, leaving the rest of my hair black.

Q: What is your favorite smell?

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@Gatsie Awwwwwwww a rabbit!! What’s its name?

A: Chocolate
Q: Favorite place in the world?

A: Hm, at home I guess. I only have one room appartment, but still. I don’t like going out or crowded places. So in general I think at home. Of course I’d like to see some thinks (for example Linkin Park :slight_smile: ) but that would be a different thing then? Or I’d like to see south Skandinavia and foreign countries in general, but since I’ve never been there… it can’t be me favorite place.

Q: What is your favourite saying/quote?

“It’s basically like looking at sparkly lights and seeing which one shines the brightest, and that’s where my attention goes.”
-Mike Shinoda.

Q: Do you have pets and if so what are their names?

@EvoOba; Yes I have a rabbit. Her name is Droppie and she is to die for :slight_smile:

A : Yes, I have… he’s a turtle… his name is Kukuri :slight_smile:
Q : If you don’t have enough money, which one do you choose? Purchase concert tickets or buy some merchendise?

A: concert tickets
Q: how do you ban your stress?

A: To de-stress; I find peace in my religion, reading, singing, praying and doing all sorts of creative things. It also helps for me to write down my thoughts, listen to music or play a video game.

Q: Have you ever danced in the rain?

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A: yes, I have danced with the devil while it rained fire on the earth.

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the “least liked” & 10 being the “most liked”, how did you like my answer to the above question? :wink:

A: I don’t quite understand what you mean, but I guess it’s poetry/symbolic and seeing from that point your answer is “liked” by me: 7

Q: Which season (summer, winter, spring,…) do you prefer?

A : spring, but in my country didn’t experience :slight_smile:
Q : which country would you like to visit? And why?