Can you touch your shoulders?

A: I’ll like to visit Ukraine to visit my friend Stanislav, but this is definitely not happening in this state of war.

Q: I’ve visited _________ (guess where) before:

@Gatsie Cute! ^^

A: Egypt?
Q: Favorite childhood memory?

A: Me winning a quiz contest when I was 4 or 5. I didnt even understand what had happened, but I got a huge toy car & that made me happy! :smiley:
(This game is getting tough, btw)

Q: Have you accomplished your dream that you had as a 10 year old?

@tweek good answer mate!

A: no

Q: Would you rather be ugly and live forever, or be beautiful and die in a year?

A: unfortunately no
Q : Which movie do you prefer between fight club and usual suspect ?

A1: No way I would want to live FOREVER. So I guess the second then. If the question were about a long live my answer might be different, though.
A2: I don’t understand, but I already answered one anyways ;).

Q: What is your favorite movie? That’s an easy one, right?

A: I don’t really have one favorite, but many. But I’ll pick one though… And that would be… Uhm…
Howl’s Moving Castle.

Q: How do you drink your coffee?

@Magalie A: Both are great movies, but I would prefer Fight Club.
@gatsie A: I prefer Tea :slight_smile: (Howl’s Moving Castle is another great movie. Saw it last year.)

Q: What would make you more happy: Seeing no one attend your birthday/wedding party, or knowing that no one came to your funeral?

A: Oh wow, I don’t know. Neither, it’d suck in both situations…
Q: Favorite pizza toppings?

A: Loads and loads of cheese.
Q: What does it start with?

A : One :slight_smile:
Q : What musical instrument you want to learn?

Q:What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?(I don’t know if the grammar is correct, but you’ll get it :grin: )

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A: bungee jumping
Q: Whats your job?
@amitrish that scale-question is difficult, if you were god, than 10, if you were the devil 0

A: I’m a poor Phd-student.
Q: If you had 100.000 Euro/Dollar, what would you do with them, if you had to give them away NOW?

A : I want to go to Mecca to pray there and then take a trip around the world…
Q : What your favorite sport?

@the_early_walker I’m a dental technician…

A: running… and circle training
Q: Youtube or TV?

@BetyVia: Why would you want to go to pray there? Because of the community or is it like you walk a long way where you can think about stuff etc.?

A: YouTube FTW!!
Q: Favorite app? (iOS or Android or both)

A: WhatsApp, Youtube, Twitter, PlantsVsZombies
Q: diet coke or normal coke or neither?

A : Neither
Q : Favorite food?

@Tweek due to meet obligation :slight_smile:

A: Bread. I really like bread a lot. Just with butter and/or cheese.
Q: Favorite subject at school?