Can you touch your shoulders?

@Tweek PvsZ was so badass!!

A: Hmmm… math.
Q: Follow up on the YT/TV question: Favourite shows/series/channels/vloggers?

A : MTV and / cooking channel
Q : Car/ motorcycle/ bicycle?

A: bike, I don’t own a car/motorcycle. (But my bike got stolen as well…).
Q: desktop pc or laptop?

A: a very good laptop,
Q: Burning or smelling

A: Question is unclear!
Q: (as asked by Chandler on FRIENDS) Would you rather drown, or be burned alive? JK.

A: Drown, I think.
Q: Hot or cold weather?

A: Cold weather.
Q: What’s your favorite website (apart from LP & related websites)?

A: youtube (ok… a bit related… but also in general)
Q: which time to you have to get up tomorrow… or generally in the morings?

A: 6am :frowning:
Q: What’s ur weirdest dream (preferably weirdest LP-related)?
(Mine is seeing everything from Mike Shinoda’s pov, even the Bennoda part :slight_smile: )

A: Most of them are R rated, but there’s one that isn’t R rated but just weird. I’ve written it down here in my dreamlog, if you feel like reading it. [Incase you do read the entire dreamlog I wrote, there’s a part where this supposedly tall handsome young man appears and that’s what makes the dream LP related.]

Q: What’s your style in clothes?

A: Black, grey and navy blue colors mostly. Band merch is what I usually wear (and as baggy as possible) and skate shoes. I get a lot of weird looks but who cares, it’s what I like.
Q: Dream festival line up?

A: raise against, lord, LP, FM,
Q: If here is comming a good fairy, you got only one wish, what would it be? But you can´t wish more wishes!

Sorry sir, still learning, thank you for the corr, I even meabnt sth like you ask one qu further! :yellow_heart:

A: World peace
Q: When you’re in a foul mood, would you rather have friend(s) over to cheer you up or be left alone?

A: It really depends. Somedays I really wanna shut the door and open up my mind, while somedays I’m wish I was Not Alone.

Q: If you could only hug one member of LP (one last hug of the band members for the rest of your life), who would you hug? Why?

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A : Mike… of course… :blush: because I was very impressed with him, he is a multitalented musician
Q : What your hair style?

Love what you did there!

A: An almost-afro dyed light brownish

Q: What’s your zodiac sign?

A: Taurus
Q: Guitar or bass and why?

A: both not possible for me, lack of the funktion of the right arm,
Q: whats your favourite “type” of guys?