HEY U?! YEAH U! What are you doing right now?

There are a number of reasons to make this thread even if it’s temporary…
The forum system is being a butt so in the words of wretches and kings:
There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious
Makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part
You can’t even passively take part
And you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels
Upon the levers, upon all the apparatus
And you’ve got to make it stop

Yyyeah it’s not that serious, mainly it’s just to see @intheend’s reaction to seeing a copy of her thread…thats brilliant enough :stuck_out_tongue:
As we all know, we are without the now seemingly essential “what are you doing now” space so let’s keep the action going here!
Without further ado…what are you doing right now???



All the LP pics and gifs on my phone


Watching Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom

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Relaxing right now and popbarly going to end up asleep soon because today I had a hard day

So good night soldiers or day

You’re just jelly that my silly thread is pushing 7000+ :sunglasses:


BOOOOOO no outburst??? :pensive: what a slacker…
And you know…who knows…maybe this one will just settle in as the real thread and yours will collect dust bunnies :hugs: :joy:
I’m proud of my funny thread and that’s enough for me :grin:


LMAO - lmao- and lmao :joy:

Ot :coffee:️ and :iphone:

Hey @framos1792 at least I can do business as usual in this thread rn- I need this thread in the morning :joy:- and did I get it right that „this person“ stopped posting?? Lol :laughing: and @lp13413 I knew you were the security backup inhere- come back soon :rofl: and @intheend no worries meme, all will be back to normal soon - take a :lollipop:


Apparently so! Lol I’m pretty sure the account had to get frozen automatically too
We shall see haha but it’s been good other than missing this thread hehehe it’s actually been kinda fun in some ways


Wow! These pictures are so beautiful! I will download all of them on my phone)

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I don’t know why I thought you were @the_termin8r this whole time.

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@framos1792 I am reading your post and answering Listening to Linkin Park and getting ready to eat

We just got back, we took my grandparents out for dinner for the second time this week. When I get an opportunity (probably from the airport, if not, when I get home), I’ll share some photos from the kayaking venture my dad and I went on this morning.

Although, I can post this;

Those are the topless mermaids that greeted us as we entered the parking lot this morning.


Right now I’m watching a little bit of tv and I’m on YouTube plus I’m on lpunderground

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Its ok @framos1792 at least this thread will be here when the original closes :joy:

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:pensive: itll be a while lol

@intheend be like:


Awwww!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Aheeeam…in the last pic that’s me cleaning…so I’m killing all the lil bunnies!? :scream: :scream: :sob: should I stop? :weary:


Lool :joy::joy:- I guess this has a chance to become the chat thread - as soon as LLG 2 will closes its gates :tada:


Yeeeppyyyy!! :heart_eyes: :sun_with_face: :grin:



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I seen that animation, it was depressing. And no, at times I collect dust bunnies. I find them adorable.