What are you doing right now? {REBOOT}

You guys are nuts, love you people :joy::joy:
I felt like I was watching piranhas go after a meal :joy:


Why didn’t you join us? Could’ve used more help

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It was the pure adrenaline run @framos1792 and next time you and @lpfan61 make sure to give power to the killers- squad :joy::joy:

Ot: writing a post with the Cologne-Shinoda group for the flashmob to make it BIG


32 posts were merged into an existing topic: What are you TEMPORARILY doing right now?

Why am I at work when all the fun happens here? lol


What did you do guys? I’m so lost.


I’m lost. Why are we on this one?

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@evooba and @raz7 the "what are you doing"thread was closed since it reached 10k posts, so now you can post on Framos’s thread or well this one too that is a duplicate…


I didn’t think it was possible in the new system to automatically close threads.

On topic, going through my YouTube subscriptions before bed.


I don’t think so either, that’s why they’re either merged or closed and forgotten

Seems like this is the new thread? Ok, until I have no further info, taking it to go, but please @jFar920 can you merge it with this one?

And thanx :blush:, goodnight @lp13413 :zzz::sleeping:

Ot: :coffee: and :iphone:- business as usually :joy:

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Huh what?! New thread! And also 33 unread! :grinning: That’s proves i am so lost yo! :joy:

Rn came from 2k run… getting back to work!


Now looking at the course I’m doing at University.

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No!! I don’t want your poopie reboot! @derek me want me posty back!!’

Once a topic hits 10,000 posts, there’s nothing that can be done about it.

Now the question is, are we keeping this topic, or the “temporary” one?


I’d say let’s keep the temporary one (it was the first so) but @theearlywalker has suggested merging them

I agree with merging them @jFar920


Merge them and then put it under @intheend, @NickGr, and frogface name (@framos1792)

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I’ve moved all the replies that weren’t about which topic to use to HEY U?! YEAH U! What are you doing right now?. I’ll close this one for now, we can reopen it in the future when you all inevitably manage to get the other one filled up


Continue discussion at HEY U?! YEAH U! What are you doing right now? (for now…)