HEY U?! YEAH U! What are you doing right now?

Ah man, I got the what are you doing right now thread closed from flagging this guy. And the last letter game apparently.

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Not just you, I flagged too. I had enough

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Why did it have to be the last letter game though

A whole bunch of threads closed

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That’s my favorite one @chigokurosaki so get me off here before I go off because I am really angry right now

So this thread is back now is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol, at least @framos1792wI’ll be excited.

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How many people can we get playing the right timing game? I’m definitely in.


Yup the portal game :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah yes, that’s what it was called. I forgot the exact name.

I’m in lol. Might as well enjoy it while its here.


Ok besides the fact that it’s getting annoying-Lmaooooo :joy::joy: where was iiiii?!

Louise(@intheend) look! We’re back here now :stuck_out_tongue:


Except now we have 3 threads for the portal game

That makes it more tense. If I’m not mistaken @framos1792 is on 9 points and @samuel_the_leader is on 3. Let me check to make sure.

I say start new from here on, I had unfair head start before lol

I am in my bed listening to music to calm down

Ok we’ll restart. We can keep track of the points.

These are the old points if anyone is interested:

@framos1792 : 9
@samuel_the_leader : 1
@raz7 : 1
@evooba : 1
@chigokurosaki : 7
@lpfan61 : 1
@turners34 : 1


Lol, I had that many?

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I did not know I had points for this topic


It is a game idea @framos1792 made for the closed threads. See who can get a post in when it opens every 4 hours. Whoever posts, gets a point.

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