How are you today?

Hello, everyone! At the moment, the last couple of weeks or months I don’t know how long but long I’m feeling really down and sad almost all the time, so I just wanted to talk to someone so I get out of my mind, because like my mind is so full of thing that makes me question everything. by LP words " I don’t like my mind right now" So I was just wondering how are you doing today?:grinning::grinning:
by the way, this is my first time writing something her so hello from Latvia.:blush:


Hello Latvia!
Welcome to the LPU forums where you can share all your feelings and thoughts and be heard and understood like in a family!

Times are a little depressing for everyone and if you ask why, the answer will depend on who you’ll ask!
My answer is : “It’s only because the world is trying to impose lies as truths and truths as lies today and it can get really confusing to what one sees with their own eyes!”

It needs a good amount of strength and patience to pull through and whenever you feel short of any of the two, you will find all the empowering hugs in here to keep you going :slight_smile:
Hello from Greece @ance7 !


Welcome to the forums @ance7 :sunny::yellow_heart::hugs:nice that you reach out, there are several threads already about how everybody is doing- so instead of waiting till someone comes here to talk, join the conversation maybe there…

These are all threads where the conversation already flows- so if you like to jump in, just do it- we are happy about every new family member :blush::hugs:


Welcome @ance7 !! :smile: :sun_with_face:

I mostly feel this way because I just don’t understand what is happening in the world right now. I can’t understand the way people refuse to see the truth about all the horrible things happening all around us. And of all the things I’m actually most worried about the climate crises what’s going on now.

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Hi from Poland!
Here on LPU you’ll find many people who don’t like their minds sometimes (or even more frequently :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


Welcome to this unique place full of quirky, caring, hilarious, loving people. :hugs:

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thank you all for your sweet welcoming. :kissing_heart:


Hey and welcome. :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Just like the others have said already, we’re always here if you wanna talk.

Regarding your feelings, I really recommend you read through this thread by @mish3lka: My greatest fear just got worse. We had discussions there about similar topics.


Welcome! :grin:

Welcome :smiley:.

Isn’t this kind of similar to what are you doing post :expressionless:

hello @ance7 :smiley: Welcome to the community ! :heart:

Hiyya ance and everyone :slight_smile:

I’ve been lurking around you soldiers for a while, but never really worked up to saying anything. So thanks for opening up this thread in a super laid back way. It’s amazing how just asking that simple question is a small bit of humanity that is often missing. Today, for me. was a rough day, and as with most of my rough days I turned to LP to talk myself down from the ledge. The song that worked today was ‘Blackout’ and it was cathartic AF. But what was different about today, though, is that I called one of those help hotlines for the first time ever… … … and had a HORRID experience with the alleged counselor that answered my call. He was SUPER judgy and condescending the total opposite of what I needed in crisis. And that made me super appreciate this space and you soldiers! You’ve helped so much more than that hotline just by being here and making space for the likes of me even when I’m silent the whole time. So, thanks. And hi from NYC :slight_smile:


hello @malikaedits :smiley: Its good to have you here. Sorry for that experience with depression hotlines :slight_smile: . Don’t worry everything will be fine veryy soon :blush: All you have to do is to stay strong :muscle: and keep hopes alive! :heart:
Welcome to the LPU forums. Hope you have a good time in here. Keep sharing love :wink: :sunny: :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Helloooo @malikaedits !! Welcome on board! :sun_with_face: :hugs: :hugs:
Keep fighting! You have the power to do so and also the support of this biiiiig caring family! :smile: :blush: :hugs:


Welcome, @malikaedits :slight_smile:


Hey welcome to you as well! Sorry to hear about that bad experience. You can always turn to us if you need support :slight_smile:

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