"Hey, Life is Beautiful, it is true that it is hard, but it is worthy" - share you smiles to prevent tears

Hey, all you good people, let’s try something new. I am making this new post to share something small but positive from today, tomorrow,… until something good builds up and when someone feels he/she need to cheer, just to look at the posts and say: “Hey, Life is Beautiful, it is true that it is hard, but it is worthy”.

Together let’s share our smiles and good experience and try to shine and infect all around us with positivity. Let’s prevent tears instead of healing them later.


Let me start with sharing some sunrays in my office. That’s all I need to get through a hard-working day.
Half of my time I work outside and I like it, but in rainy or cold days I have to process all the field data.


Wauw! I like the umbrella corporation button on you pc :yum: :love_you_gesture:
My turn : i like going for a walk. It will clear my mind. Help’s me to heal. And some good music, fun up beat song, to dance on and be crazy for just 5 minutes. :blush:


Most definitely flowers I see on a daily basis… think of how they come to be, think of what they represent, those they remind us of
And they undeniably unmistakably can leave you with a gentle smile when you turn to notice them…


Sometimes I have to work a second job that is on the other side of the mountain, so 8 hour work, then 4 hour drive in order to get to next work :sunny: but when “the sun goes down” :sunny: I don’t feel like the “light betray me” :sunny: I feel like it gives me this beautiful sunset just for me with the promise for even more beautiful sunrise. I just need to keep going.


My turn, it’s rainy in Paris, the office I work in but my 13th mariage anniversary to think of and a present to purchase and take back home of course ; so a shiny day eventually ; you’re right whatever happens we always have people to count on, family, friends, LP community :wink; Take care of you:wink:


My turn. Flying back to my hometown, I had a morning flight and from my window, I could see the sun slowly rising. The light on the horizon just feels like a guide leading me out of the darkness


I’ve been feeling a lot better since I started that thread asking everyone to pray for me back in July.

I also discovered this beautiful building the other night.


I love reading this thread, and i’m glad there are still people on this earth who bring positivity to me with that kind of idea. Thank you @svetoslavmm for this thread :blush:


Life is what you make of it … if you have people that bring you down in your life change your circle … if there is negativity in your life … turn it around make it positive - removing all negativity … always smile and be enlightened by what each day will bring you … be happy to breathe and be alive … life is too short … don’t make it shorter … there are people out there that care about you and think you are a wonderful person … those that don’t can pound sand - not worth your breathe! This travel we call life is crazy, beautiful, and unpredictable and there are many crossroads we will encounter and have to make very tough decisions but always remember the people who cross your path have done so for a reason and cherish those times for you may only have one chance to meet that person that made your day brighter - godspeed to all.