When and where?

Just for fun, thought it would be interesting to see what it’s like out doors where everyone is. This outside the phones 4 u arena in Manchester near my work at 16:00 gmt time.

Post yours if fancy


No snow at all? Either that, or the deicing crew did a good job of even removing snow from the pavement.

I don’t think you wanna see pics of willow/pine/whatever trees.


All my phone can catch is pitch black outside from my room even with the lights off.

Yeah bout 20 mins after I took mine it’s gone dark

Is it just me or is it getting darker much faster this year than it did last year at this time?

My dad picked me up from college about an hour ago and it was as dark as it is at around 19:00 in the summer.

Cool… I’ll share one tomorrow! Don’t have any from today and it’s pitch black outside right now.

Yeah about 4.30 its pitch black

Nice idea @Super_saiyen_Peewee, will show mine today :sunglasses:

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Why is uploading photos here such a faff?

The view from my bedroom window:


Sunset from the top floor of my apartment building (don’t mind the ugly buildings, just enjoy the horizon):


That’s a good shot @EvoOba

My piece of crap car that something is wrong with every week. This week is the brakes

Edit: Also, location is my house if you couldn’t tell

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Rainy in Orlando. Bleh.

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That looks like a top spot to live

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Is the land/field surrounding it yours?

Is that your house?

Oh. Yes it is!



Eh… It’s ok heh :sunglasses:

yeah it looks ok, no way its better my town…:cry:


Where is that?