What grinds your gears?

I have similar problems at work with staff members and their breaks. So what I do is tell them exactly when their break starts (i.e 11:03am) and when they need to be back (i.e 11:33am, our breaks are half an hour long). At first some of them didn’t take it seriously but I started reducing their working hours (by literally minutes) they paid attention.


Is it wrong to say the newbies on here?

Like the freadfefgsf search button is Right THERE!!!

It’s like they don’t know how to Internet.

It’s like a browser on the site in the shape of a search bar… USE IT!!!


Guess which is the old modem by the old internet provider, and which is the new modem by the new internet provider. (To be fair, I stood right in front of each modem for each)



Last week I switched internet provider (I told Pat this), I did it before the contract of previous internet provider was up so that I minimise the disruption to my internet connection. Yup the new internet provider had to install their own cables, and I have the two internet providers concurrent for now. (The old contract with the old provider was giro paid, i.e. paid one month in advance, so in effect the two providers will be concurrent for slightly over a month)

What grinds my gears is being (severely) misled when ordering food. BBQ beans ended up being baked beans (yes, the orange kind that everybody knows), the dish was supposed to be a hot dish but the baked beans were cold, and the California raisin rice ended up being just yellow colored fried rice (pineapple fried rice I think) with a few miserable morsels of yellow colored raisins.

Oh wow how annoying- I made such experiences a few times too- either it was the completely wrong pizza, or they forgot the salat dressing and the worst and most annoying was molded rice with my chicken curry :expressionless: so I can really say I feel you on this grind… :hugs:

Logic should dictate that baked beans do not go with rice, but oh well :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

yeah- I agree, but if you consider that english peeps eat them with eggs and sausages for breakfast… that’s pretty weird too… :joy:

Hey! Nothing against English breakfast! I love it!
The german stuff, cardboard roll with jam, urg!


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I finally caved and got Spotify premium…and I feel cheated. Most of the songs that were unavailable when I was on the free plan are still unavailable and so are a lot of small artists that I listen to. I thought that SP unlocks all this stuff. I’m currently on the 99p 3 month trial and have a half price student discount, but I’m seriously going to consider cancelling after the 3 months are up.

EDIT: Now I’m even more hacked off that I can’t just download albums directly, I have to turn them into playlists first…I have 329 albums. :expressionless:


Holy cow, I feel sorry for you :sweat_smile::joy:

Why is that?

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No idea, I’ve read it’s something to do with artists and record labels, but I don’t buy it as song availability is like the weather, always changing and almost randomly at that.

I managed to download all the songs simultaneously, what annoys me now is that those files can now only be played on spotify and if you want to listen to downloaded music on other devices, you have to download individually and can’t just transfer one downloaded folder between devices.

It’s almost like they’ve taken a leaf out of Crapple’s book on how to deal with digital music. I really don’t get why people swear by SP when SF has served me just as well.

Ah yes the rights bullshit again.

This, reminds me of the good ol iTunes days. Man that was horrible, glad I quit that

I’m so pissed off. My friends cancelled on us completely last minute. I was really looking forward to tonight and now my mood is completely ruined. And they keep calling us wondering why we’re so pissed and texting us why we won’t pick up. -.-

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Ah that sucks. Hopefully there won’t be any hard feelings between you guys :slight_smile:

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Right, my laptop has now been possessed by Spotify and Spotify refuses to die. It crashed, so I closed it. Then tried to open it, it kept saying that it has crashed and refused to open. Went to uninstall only for it to refuse to uninstall. It then started randomly playing music despite being fully closed. This is getting bloody idiotic.



Spotify is dead, it finally uninstalled. I was greeted with quite the surprise when I got back on. All the music I spent 2h downloading today…gone, just like that. Fuck you very much Spotify. Thank god I backed up my entire laptop literally minutes before this happened. Probably the best coincidence that could have happened. Now I just have to move the files between drives and not have to download again.

Sit-rep 2:

It’s all fucked, copying the backup folder just further breaks it and it thinks that a firewall is stopping me from logging in. Looks like I’ll be redownloading all 3314 songs again. Fuck this shit.


You cured me from wanting Spotify to reinstall

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Don’t bother, just use the web player with a free plan. If an advert comes on, just refresh and it goes away.

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When companies do this. Just…why?



I don’t get it :smile:

So, was supposed to ride to work with my manager (we live very close) and it was my turn to get the Uber. I called it at 6:20am, got to my house within 3min (which was amazing) and when I got in, the driver was like, I ain’t taking you all the way down again, only driving you to the first stop. I was like WTF?!
Anyway, I arrived at my manager’s, and we called a 2nd Uber that was coming in 16min!!! So late! So we ended up walking down to the main toad from his house and said we’d try there. We did, only for an Uber to pop up 20min later. At that point we said f*ck it, so we got on a bus that did this massive diversion (basically went by my house again) and we arrived at work at 7:52am!!! So insane!!!

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