What grinds your gears?

A huge box for a tiny product. What you see in the little window is all that came in the box, technically it was that and all the spam paperwork that comes with it.

Wow, and I thought I was fed up of TFL. Has the Piccadilly been that bad recently?

Ugh that sucks :V I’ve never used uber before myself, is this something that they can just do? Does it happen more often?

Oooh yes of course, it’s the same when you order stuff online. Usually they deliver in over the top sized boxes. Pure waste

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@the_termin8r It was fine this weekend.

@evowarrior5 I use it often, never had issues apart from today. We literally stumbled upon a bad driver in the morning and then with the weather being horrible it was just bad luck cause it was so busy and there weren’t many drivers around.

We shared an Uber back home and it was perfectly fine.

So why the Uber then?

Cause we needed to be at work at 6:45am and it’s faster that way. Plus it was pissing down with rain.

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Oh okay good to hear, I was about to get turned off from ever trying to use it xD

Nah, it’s good. And way cheaper than getting a taxi. I mostly use it when I need to go home and it’s super late.
Sometimes I use it for work too, since my manager and I live so near we take turns paying for it. We only do if we go out after work or if we need to be in super early for something (basically the case of today).

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Same as always. Wgmg is my allergic rhinitis triggers everytime I eat/drink cold foods. It’s too awful.

People hovering over my shoulder when I’m doing something (unless I’ve told them to be there).


That drives me nuts too.

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People not coming through on time :rage:
Was trying to finish work on time b/c heading on a trip but now gotta work full day, probably late day and will be there late all because some idiots can’t get their crap together-and I’m just waiting here like an idiot doing nothing til they catch up :expressionless::sleepy:


Absolutely agree on this- ignorance is hard to bear - or is this attitude arrogance? Whatever… Stay strong :muscle:t2: and enjoy your trip anyway- safe travels :sunny:


Thank you :hugs:

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Hate that too! Go find some other place to do nothing!
And bosses who like that I am hover while they do something, just to have someone handy or admire there doing. Urg! Please let me do something independent and on my own some were else. Call me, if you need!

Poor thing! Take a deep breath, annoy us a little, soon you will be on your trip!!! :muscle: :kissing_heart:


Oh ohhhh, you’re giving me permission :astonished::pleading_face::star_struck:
Thank you :hugs::hugs:

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The story of my life. :expressionless:


Discussing money with people. Let’s say you both have agreed to share a payment 50/50. And now 50 means something completely different to you than to the other person. Which means you’ll lose.

How does that happen? :confused:

People that make you feel stupid, they know exactly what you talking about but makes you feel like you didn’t explain something too clearly.