What grinds your gears?

They say there’s someone for everyone, even an emotionless robot can have a companion. :joy:


In Polish we say: ‘Każda potwora znajdzie swojego amatora’ which means: ‘Every monster will find his/her lover’.

But there are monsters who don’t look for lovers :slight_smile:


That response tho :joy:


What were you expecting? Lol

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excuuuuuse me?! :rofl: that’s hella cruel :angry: im sure the amy to his Sheldon will come along at some point :face_with_hand_over_mouth::crazy_face:


Nothing less from a terminator :stuck_out_tongue: Almost thought it was sarcasm

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Sometimes you have luck enough to save yourself to be with some dumbass b or g lol

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@anngelenee that’s what anomalic monster does.

And what grinds my gears? Metaphorically and literally… Another driver who seats next to me as a passanger and gives me golden advice how to drive ‘properly’ …


It’s like driving with my dad and that’s one of the reasons why only my brother is the driver :joy: “Left clear!”, “You should turn left that will be faster” and my fav “Not so fast”


This what grinds my gears. I work just as hard as everyone else but me and a co worker don’t get treat the same way we get a weekend a month off while some workers that stay in there car after they come in to work and dont start work until 630. And get every other weekend. Now tell me how she gets that. When we worked so much harder then her. It piss me off when i talk to my boss about it and he will dismiss us. This just piss us OFF more. I don’t know what to do.

People don’t understand that no one was born driver and drive like K Block right away. You drive as you want and that’s your decision if you want overtake the car or don’t… if somebody have problem with that you can stop the car miles away from the city and ask that person for walk.


I was expecting a parcel to be delivered between 3 and 4pm today (I knew I was going to be home by then) but got a text at 2pm saying they attempted to deliver it but found no one there so they are sending the parcel back to the sender. How stupid is that?! Ugh!

Which service is this?

Parcel force

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That’s odd, I didn’t know they do that now. I don’t remember them doing it in the past.

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They didn’t even leave a card or something.

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@hilaryfol That’s not fair at all, so i understand you! Try to focus on your work, not on the work of the other person (but I know it’s not easy to do it). Sending you strength :muscle::muscle::muscle::hugs::hugs::hugs:

Today, the girl in my team who is always trying to work as less as she can, just worked 4 hours today. :joy:
She came at 10.30am at work, then took a break between 10.45am and 11am. Then she went out for lunch time between 11.58am and 2.20pm. Then she took a break at 5.15pm to 5.40pm. But everything is fine for my boss. :joy::joy::joy:
It’s her new record. :grin:

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I like those too :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:

I understand it… it’s bad. Happens quite often here too. They just don’t listen

Good boy. Don’t bother what they say :relieved:

I bet he won’t want any .

@hilaryfol sending you strength :hugs: i agree with @lilyope that it isn’t your fault she’s right…


Maybe she’s 100% productive between that breaks? :joy::joy::joy:

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Not sure about it :joy: