What grinds your gears?

Yep!! better than mine!! :smile:
@the_termin8r agrees i guess . lol :joy:

I think it was Alestorm :stuck_out_tongue:

Ask @the_termin8r i guess you are correct :open_mouth:

It was, you’re next even though you posted in this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Lead me to the thread, I’m too lazy to scroll down :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: nvm I didn’t had to scroll far.

What grinds my gears rn is the rain; didn’t expect it to rain this heavily that the rainwater splashes in:

(Upside down again)

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When someone who’s really important to you suddenly starts ignoring you with no reason

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When I was in my old school, last year, there was a little f–ng bastard following me and driving me nuts. I couldn’t hit him, because he was a few years younger and 70cm shorter. He didn’t understand any words, good or bad… one day I’ve captured him saying that I’ll break his neck if one more time he comes around. It worked, lol. I should feel bad about this kind of bullying, but I would beat him up with great pleasure

I’ve a very bad stomachache, don’t think I’ll be able to eat.


Opens crackers in pack, feast by ants

Next day…

Preparing my coffee, sees ants swimming on my cup

Next another day…

Opens the fridge and get some for lunch, also feast by ants

These goddamn ants :expressionless:

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My math teacher always seem to be triggered for some reason

Still these goddamn ants never stopped -_-

Mine one seems to talk to himself. None of the students in the class understand anything. We study all of it on our own.

Oh! Thats bad. Pick a tray, fill some water in it and you can keep the food containers in that. We do the same to prevent ant in foods.

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My in the old school always sang Talking To Myself on the lessons(screaming version) :joy:

Why? It’s a source of proteins


my mom is pure veg :no_mouth: She doesn’t have non-veg

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oh… okaay
(i wouldn’t make it being a pure veg: i need a lot of milk everyday, especially spring days and love meat)

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my mom’s only one pure veg in the family…or else i love chicken and my brother loves goat meat

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lol :joy:

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