Pics to words (apparently I need a longer title)

This is an experiment that I’m expecting to crash and burn, but lets see what happens…

So I randomly remembered playing this game in school where you’d have 2 pics and they would translate into a word or phrase. I can’t remember the technical term for the game (hence the stupid thread title), but I wanted to try it out here.

You have to post between 2 to 3 pics to signify a phrase or word for the next person to guess. The person to guess correctly goes next.

If the answer has not been guessed in 10 guesses, the person has to reveal the answer and tag somebody else.

= Jackass

Ok, here’s an easy one:

Piekey? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, is this like the emoji game? Why does the donkey translate to “a**” though?

Your spelling is a bit off but it was Pikey. It’s more of a British slang term used to describe a gypsy or traveler. It’s sometimes used to describe a chav (more slang). A chav is basically an uneducated moron with the tattoos and piercings that lives on a council estate and drives a Ford focus or a VW golf or some other hot hatch.

Because ass is a synonym for donkey for some reason. I think the term “being an ass” is derived from being a stubborn donkey as opposed to a butt.

Wow, this thread has suddenly turned into a linguistics thread :stuck_out_tongue:

You turn. @Gatsie

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For real? I was making a lame joke :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t know it was an actual thing! But alright lol.

Horseshoe? If the second pic is indeed a pair of shoes.

This game is cool :joy:

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@the_termin8r Yeah it is.

Cool game indeed :slight_smile:

Who are they?

The top is Charles Xavier (X men character) the bottom is Ray Winstone (actor). That gives a big hint.

X Ray!


Now something much harder:

(Hint: the bottom person is Stan Lee)

Comic con? (that’s a wild guess)

No, completely wrong.

This is gonna go nowhere. What’s the first pic?

Looks like I might as well give the answer: Turkmenistan

Yup: Turk Men + Stan

The first picture, as you can see, has a crowd with a lot of Turkish Flags (You didn’t have to know that Turquie = Turkey)

Online version of the same picture: (So that explains the red box on the TV, TV5 Monde trying to discredit their sources :stuck_out_tongue:)

I decided to jump to the answer as knowing you, you’ll probably try to guess about Ottoman whatever and it’ll really never end.


That was actually quite clever :stuck_out_tongue: Who’s next?

I don’t know. You?