Pics to words (apparently I need a longer title)

Power supply?

Yeah lol


Yeah, too easy!

To prevent confusion:

X = (A/1.75)+B+C

C= (D+E)

therefor X = (A/1.75)+B+(D+E)





Mineral water? (They earn money by tricking you into buying their expensive water)

No, not mineral water. The equation tells you how to solve it.

What if nobody knows how to equate this stupid thing?

Just sub in the values for the letters, in this case it’s pics and not numbers.

I’ll give you the first one.

Calcium has 7 letters in it, divided by 1.75 is 4 letters. The first 4 would make ‘Calc’ (I wasn’t expecting anyone to figure that out).

That means that the first part is ‘Calc’. Now figure out the other bits.

I’m just going to guess…is it Calculus?

Very close

Oh I think I figured it out…calculate? (Last is rain cheque)

Even closer.

Never have I come across a puzzle that I just had to know the answer of…calculator? Because rain cheque= later?


This whole post was an experiment of mine to see how it would go. I couldn’t find a pic for ‘calc’ so I had to get creative. Uncle Sam was ‘you’. The rain and the cheque were rain check which I used as a synonym for ‘later’

Your turn @AJ7

Very well done @the_termin8r!

This should be easy if you guess the first one:

I don’t know who the bloke on top is but I’m guessing Harry Potter?

Yes! The first one is Harry Houdini!

Your turn

I was never familiar with him and didn’t actually know what he looked like.