Someday, you will understand

This topic has been thrown around a bit in my lyrical workings and music. It includes everything from our first breath of air, to us being conditioned to our surroundings and to “follow orders” and never question “why” we do certain things. I feel this can be a bit of a controversial topic due to the nature of truth seekers seeking answers. Because they have felt that all the conformity and answers given to them, aren’t enough or just really don’t hit them in a way that they recognize it and accept it as universal truth.

We take our 1st breath of air and immediately we are given a name. Throughout growing up, we ourselves gather like a sponge, all the ideologies our parents have grown up with (Religion, Politics, etc) and just keep learning from then on. Gathering information as we grow and molding our own idea of what life is, through other ideas that have been presented by other human beings. We go by what society expects of us, either by joining in on the popular club and doing the same thing the others are doing (mainstream things), some of us are just pushed back and because of our differences are left all alone.

Many come to the point of hating themselves so much because they cannot be accepted, as they don’t feel a need to be a “Set structure” that society sets up. You are given the idea that you can climb up the ladder, make plenty of money, have a nice big house, marry the partner of your dreams and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, in this dog eat dog world, where many thrive on competition, many don’t make it to the point of being a “success” in society’s eyes. But hey! there are treatments for that. You end up drugged up and so numb because you don’t fit the criteria set out. Believe me, its not just the people that are all alone, it is also the people that are popular that feel this way too!

There comes a point where thinking “outside the box” is condemned in this “Brave New World”. Where we make war for peace, where we are constantly lied to about situations and pushed to hate each other over petty differences. When we, as humanity should be loving each other, not killing each other. But it goes much deeper than that, much deeper than you realize. To the point you are so depressed of your surroundings that you start opening your mind and start seeking answers. Because nothing that has been given to you makes sense.

When there are many people in the streets all alone, and a human being cannot help or is unwilling to help because of certain circumstances. Because everyone has been conditioned to show a false face to the world through social media, to garner the attention. But yet they feel that makes them happy, when in reality it is the opposite.

Life itself goes much deeper than what we see, and what we hear, the opposites always have a middle driving force that makes the experience possible. The ying/yang so to speak, in this thread, I will try to explain what we are truly living at these times. How we have been enslaved with us happily accepting and selling ourselves for a green piece of paper. Welcome to my thread that “Someday, you will understand…”


very well said dear friend :star_struck::hugs::heartbeat::hearts: high fives to you


This might be the best introduction a thread has ever had on these forums :smile:

On a serious note, I’ve also been looking into various topics for some time. It started about four years ago, when I began questioning things that are going on in this world.

Last week I finished a great book that I really recommend! I made a post about it in another thread: What Toots Your Horn? - #576 by rickvanmeijel

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Very good video and very enlightening to anyone who doesn’t understand the concept of authority. With that, it is just the tip of the iceberg, as it involves our very existence and WHY this is done.

I have read the following books concerning matters of spirituality and the soul:

1- The Red Book by Carl Jung (Mr. Jung was one of the founding fathers of psychology, this book took nearly 100 years to publish!)

2- The Ra Material by Carla Rueckert, Don Elkins, and Jim McCarty (You can find this book online for FREE:

3- Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (Utopian future, similarities to our society)

4- Animal Farm by George Orwell

I am currently diving into Occult books, as I am very deep down the rabbit hole of all this. Such being works of Aleister Crowley and such.

To add to what the video explained, yes, most politicians always stir and rile up people with petty differences. People don’t realize that it does not matter what political party they are for, they both have the same intentions in mind, make people obey and pretty much have the law rule in their favor. I can tell the lies on television nowadays because I step outside, and don’t see any of this happening. I moved recently and my neighbors are nice people, they want us to fight over petty differences. This way, they have control over a persons mind so they wont rebel against them. This is known as “Divide and Conquer” where they don’t get their hands dirty and the people do the work for them.


I wanted to add something different concerning ourselves. Do you guys know where your negative ideas come from? Think deep to the root of it all and realize that these ideas are basically implanted into your mind. Societal expectations are basically these ideas that end up corrupting your mind because you BeLIEve you should be like everyone else.

Why are things popular? Why are they introduced into the mainstream?

Believe it or not your beloved Government are the ones that determine what’s hot and what’s not. Hollywood has Government ties also, just look at who the US president is currently, a mogul who would show up from time to time on WWE “programming”. He’s not the first as Ronald Reagan was also an “actor”.

Think about how mainstream culture impacts the population. Listen to the music and how it really has degraded overtime, its all about the same thing, money, sex, fighting, etc. This is indeed brainwashing if it is done too much. This is the truth, there are even declassified documents confirming the US has experimented on their citizens through MKULTRA.

But going to a more spiritual route, I know why this happens. As per the Ra Material, we have 2 options, the Service to others (Positive path) or Service to self (Negative path). Most people because of the conditioning to “make money” and actually believe everything that is going on, though most things nowadays are being fabricated to harvest negative energy. Why do you believe they push for you to become depressed? Why do they try to “sell” you the solution? It is because it is part of making profit off of you. Depression gives way to negative energy. Emptying your mind and being thoughtful, loving and helpful to others inclines towards the positive route. You can empty your mind through deep meditation, I have tried it and it has worked wonders to me seeking the positive route.

There is a lot more, but at this point I want to take it slowly to make you, my LP family understand what is going on.


heeyyo @Woco21 - first of all welcome back to the forums- the place to make diverse experiences-

I guess we all made - more or less- the same experience and conclusions that you described in your post above. Some were deeper in it- some managed to overcome and find real sense and friends and managed to feel partly happy others are still on their way- to figuer out what´s right and what´s wrong for them. That´s possible- even if it´s not easy- and it´s diffrent for each of us- I guess the goal is to find people in your life that share your values and points in order to have people you can trust and count on- that they have your back- no matter what.

The society expects so much these days from each of us and I agree with you that it is like kinda brainwashing that we all run into fullfilling these expectations- and if we don´t fit- we´re out- that´s a permanent stresslevel that really makes you ill- mentally and bodywise.

Knowing this the next step is to make decisions- what is good for me and what hurt, stress or overwhelms us permanently. If you found out the toxic factors and people in your life- make decisions. Consider what empowers you and try to bring this into your life instead of wasting time with and in illness causing circumstances and persons.

That isn´t easy and no gurantee that the next bs won´t happen- but it´s good to do it anyways- to never give up and belive in your power- will and strenght.

:sweat_smile: wow, I just wanted to say welcome and that I like your post- see how you inspirated me? Thanx for this and I´m happy ya back my friend :slight_smile: stay strong :muscle:


Yeah that’s the golden question isn’t it, why are things so messed up in this world? What’s the true cause of all this suffering and destruction? I think this book ‘‘The most dangerous superstition’’ does provide some solid answers to these particular questions though.

Thanks for your recommendations, I’ll check them out!

Technically, I think these are all occult books since they involve occult knowlegde. The word ‘‘occult’’ simply means hidden, or hidden from plain sight, and most of this knowledge is pretty well hidden I’d say :sweat_smile:

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@theearlywalker Yes of course, close relationships with other like minded (and not) people is essential. The thing is, at this point its not about our wrongs, but the wrongs being pulled off in our faces and we accepting them.

Of course, brainwashing is a means being kept alive through propaganda that we are indulged in 24/7. Don’t matter if it’s here or in Europe, SA, Africa, etc. Mainstream culture tends to be mainly molded around Hollywood culture, I mean, all of us here are joined by being fans of the same band, even though we are MILES and seas apart. That’s how effective it is.

Yes, one has to correct their mistakes along the way, same with their friends and family. Unfortunately, this is all we have for us. Negativity needs to pushed away by calming the mind and training it. Showing it YOU are in control. Don’t bow down to those thoughts, because we as humans possess more power than we are told.

@rickvanmeijel Yes, the answer is pretty simple, it has been designed to be that way in order for this experience to function in said way. As mentioned before, there is an intermediate factor that helps both positive and negative aspects give way. Dark/Light, Good/Bad, Heat/Cold, etc. Though we as human beings can change all that by negating the negativity. Stop watching the TeLIEvision because all it does is pushes the negative narrative. I walk outside and my neighbors aren’t killing me. I know its not everywhere, but negativity and division is pushed because they want to entice turmoil, over petty differences.

Yes, most knowledge is hidden in plain sight. As we mentioned in my other thread, this world runs on numbers and symbols, which I won’t dive into completely yet. A seed must be planted for those who seek said information. In our current generation, no one wants to pick up a book and know more things, as they believe everything is given to them, though most information is given through one side, which is biased. KNOWLEDGE is power, unfortunately no one really dives into it due to the distractions, or being scared of how deep all this goes, and it is very deep. From the food you eat, how many times you eat, the water you drink, the news you are given (and not), etc. Just to name a few topics.

Did you notice the double meaning to “Oc-Cult”? which means Hidden Group, lets add knowledge to “occult” HIDDEN GROUP KNOWLEDGE, o where that come from? :o. Words have special meanings, so check your "SPELL"ing.

Bet you didn’t know the origin of the word “Work” is closely related to torture :wink:

There are MANY words that have quite some meanings in them, I can go on with them, but would like some people to find them, if they are interested of course :slight_smile:


This. It’s the idea of divide and conquer right? Keep people busy with fighting each other over all sorts of dumb and unimportant stuff, so that they won’t even consider the important things, let alone explore it. In the end, we’re all just human beings, though living in enormous populations, separated and controlled by a ruling class.

I never even saw this, that’s kinda cool actually. Comes from secret societies who possess hidden knowledge?

I see what you did there haha. Your spells won’t work on me :smile:

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Exactly! it is such a effective technique, that many actually believe it. I go by, If I don’t see it with my own eyes then, there must be something to it. Always question events and their surroundings, or results.

I think that would be too telling lol. But there it is, in plain site :stuck_out_tongue: There are many words that use these mannerisms, I have a couple of examples I have written down. (This is from a “book” I was writing")

_Government and Entertainment both end with the same word, ment. This word if defined from its Latin roots (Mens, Mentis) means “Mind”. Govern means “To control”, both words joined together give the result of, “to control the mind”. Hidden phrases within the word itself! Though Entertainment is a bit more complexed than that, and from what I have gathered, breaking down the words would give the following: _

_Enter = To go in _
Tain/Tame? = Hold/Capture (Tain comes from root-word ten)
Ment = The Mind

“To hold/capture the mind”, is what “Entertainment” as a word is indirectly mentioning. A means of distracting the mind, on basis of programming said minds through entertainment, media, television, sports, etc. Basically, all distractions from questioning. The world that you must come to know, and love has been built on the principle of having people working as mindless drones. Never questioning the narrative that are being pushed in today’s world.

And yes, the “spells” should not work on you, learn to decipher how they use the “magic” of words. You can Change the “G” in “MAGIC” and put an “S”… What word do you get :wink: ?, hint hint, it is a means of brainwashing also.

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I agree on the importance of knowing about the underlying meaning or roots of words. I’ve heard about the meaning of government and entertainment before, makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Edit: This popped up in my mind: I’ve not checked it myself, but according to Mark Passio, the word ‘religion’ translates to ‘to bind’ or ‘to hold back (from progress)’

You are writing a book?

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Of course it does, but no one really questions the fundamentals of their Education at times. As children we are molded to accept many things as facts. Same can be applied with the basic model of a happy life, it is accepted as fact. Not many question why they do it, they just do it.

I have not checked into that, may be a worthwhile to look into it. To me, all religions have basic fundamentals of truth instilled within them, the thing is, many of these texts have been corrupted over millennia by people in power. I mean, its all in there really, its deciphering what is “real” and what is there planted to induce fear in the populace to keep them obedient.

One example I would give, in many major religions fasting is a must, but unfortunately in our current world we are taught to eat 3 meals per day, some more. Your digestive system at this rate, would only digest at 50% efficiency and would take longer to break down said food. Meanwhile if you fast, your body does it at its true potential. There are many foods out in the market that just secrete bad chemicals into the body that makes us sick, this is where BIG PHARMA comes in, you use some pills to cure one thing, but the side effects bringing in other things to worry about. PROFIT is the endgame in either. Ever heard of the Mucusless diet? It’s pretty straightforward. The funny thing is, the founding father of said diet, Arnold Ehret, died in the silliest of circumstances.

I began early January, but I covered quite a bit of topics, it is only 20 pages in but I feel would be overwhelming for quite some people. Think Mannerisms deciphered, topics including diet, conspiracies, etc. Stuff most people would be clueless and such. I stopped at that as I felt it would be too complex, I rather explain it to people than have it all in writing. Saves the headache lol.

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I’ve been looking into the Hermetic principles lately (read a book about them) and in this video, Mark Passio brilliantly links the principles to the state of the world today


Thanks for the video @rickvanmeijel, I am watching it now and what Passio mentions first hand really is a critical point. I myself have been “cold” most of my life, I never really showed love to family and such, but now, even that has changed. I hug my mother and father and bless them for still being around me. The more I have expressed myself to them, the more they start understanding the concepts of life. Even they themselves are making smalls steps for a positive outlook.

My childhood lacked the love, I was thrown at a baby sitter pretty much until I was 10. My parents only focused on bettering themselves, because this is what the United States requires, as I’m pretty sure is anywhere. Working crucial hours just to make money, but lacking that connection to their loved ones. Work as mentioned, the word itself has origins to that of torture, work is slavery. We are enslaved to a piece of paper which we have been taught “has value”. I can’t eat the piece of paper, I can’t stuff it in my cars gas tank. Its all conditioning, mental conditioning at that.

And yes, thoughts create conditions. Think about how Nikola Tesla came up with the idea for Free Energy, which isn’t free cuz… muh profit. Many inventions all came from ideas, IDEAS OF THE MIND. They revolutionized society. Each and everyone of us has been conditioned as a cash cow from the moment we first took breath, I mean THINK about it, once you end up in a casket, even your loved ones have to PAY for said casket, burial, cremation, etc. You are just a CASH COW to your so called “leaders”.

I have had pretty good interactions recently, and it is giving me hope for a complete change. A gentleman recently approached me, said he was a Vietnam vet and had nothing to eat and asked for money. He looked young for his age, but had scars from war. I gave him some money and he blessed me. He asked my religion, to which I responded, agnostic, he said “Ah, so you don’t fall for the other man made religions”, I just smiled and tapped him in the back and told him to enjoy his day.

The second was today, a woman reading “The Master Key”! which I snooped a bit and also talks about the mind and how to reprogram it for success. LP peeps, this goes very deep, please don’t let this thread die. We are here to help you through your struggles and make you realize your true potential. If you do not wish to, may we bless you, as it is not your time, but if you are interested, please reply. If you wanna talk one on one, I will find you :wink:

I will keep watching the vid, stay tuned :o


Yeah, exactly… Usually when I go arounfd buying stuff like clothes etc, I’m like:"It’s really expensive and its value isn’t proportioned, I won’t buy it…"and people look at me weirdly like I’m from another planet… Who decide I have to buy THAT thing (for example) and not another cheaper?who decide that thing must cost more than another even so the other maybe is better? Who decide we have to have a certain look, a certain idea about politicy? (Just as examples).
There’s much more to say that we could write a big book about all these things… :confused:


Yes, that is the scheme of having “name brands”. They cost an arm and a leg, but people flood stores to buy them. Just look at the iPhone for example, every year a new model is released, with “more than likely” very little difference from its older counterpart. People still go because “Muh iPhone”. The current generation has been brainwashed into believing name brand clothing is everything. Materialism and other “ideas” are pushed left and right to allow this to happen, who spread these ideas?? mainstream culture, who controls mainstream culture, well your government of course, they filter out what can be seen and what isn’t seen. They decide musical taste and such.

And yes, this is very deep, everything is connected my friend, thanks for your input @lpfan61 !


The fact that I can’t understand the most is: I perfectly know and it’s obvious that every person is different, with different tastes etc, but we’re in 2018, not in 1100, people go to university, study, learn…why don’t they use its own brain??ok, every subject is different, but what’s the point of studying if we don’t really “evolve” and just give importance to futile things without knowing the real reason?
Sometimes I feel like I’m “walking in circle”…really… “Everyone’s shut off their minds
So I’ll turn on mine”…

Agreed… thanks to you! :hugs:

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I believe it is meant to be “that way” as it is a set standard that has been accepted within a societal structure. People don’t question it because they believe it to be true, and why would they question it if everything runs smoothly (or does it?). The system is designed for people really to be subservient and just do what they have learned, if they go too much with “out of the box” thinking, then it can get a tad bit dangerous you see. Connect this to “insanity” and such and you can see why it is dangerous, as it pretty much would break down societal standards. We don’t evolve because its meant to keep you at bay from evolving, because our leaders know better, or so they say. Walking in Circles is a VERY deep song, analyze it more and truly understand what Chester was saying :wink:

Oh, and THANK YOU also for questioning and having an open mind :wink:

Btw, I’ll drop this video here:

One of my FAVORITE games ever! with so much truth to it

PS: I used it for my ending songs in “Sane Asylum”.


Ok, I don’t like to share personal info here and there… but this I can say in short sum: I worked in a factory some years ago, with the excuse of the economical crisis they start to not pay their workers…at the beginning they paid half month, then jump gradually till we had 5 moths not paid, not mention holidays and other stuff; I was one of the “rebels”, if you can call me like that, so at the end they fired me…the most part of the workers (with family, children, etc) didn’t say anything, didn’t request their payment, just kept on working normally while I was treated as I was a dangerous mad person literally… I don’t understand why people is like that… I’m insane and they’re normal or the contrary? Proud to be insane if it’s like that…
Adding to it that I didn’t find a real work since then… I live with my parents cause I’m not able to cover expenses and taxes alone…

PS: maybe I’ll delete it later :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately, this world is designed to thrive on the slavery of others. The rich do indeed keep getting richer, keep calling the shots, while the working class struggles to make it from check to check. It is your experience, but be proud of yourself for taking a stand against unfairness, something which many should learn as day to day I see people going for the wrong things, becoming indebted and wasting their lives on petty things they should not. Knowledge is power!

If I let you in on a bit about myself, I am actually quitting my job and doing some soul searching this year. I want to find my drive, I want to see how I can make this world a better place and enlighten many more people to stand against the injustices we see in our day to day lives!