Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion!

Sorry guys but right now this is a random thought right now knowing that I just did that with the another thread just now. But I need to ask so who got a twitter account because if you do can I add you or you can add me if you want.

How do you add people on like famous people I don’t know how to do that.

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I just had a déja vu moment…

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This turns ten years old today…

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Yeah, some people need to be reminded more than once apparently.


LP store now delivers to Russia! Yay!

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I’m somewhere in between feeling like I want to fucking deck somebody in the face, and snuggling up with my cat for the night.


Have anyone every had a worry call from somewhere before?

What’s a worry call?

I meant to say a weird call from a city or a country or a state? That what I meant to say lol. Sorry @evooba.

Any who? So did you ever get a weird call?

Α: I don’t know, I don’t remember.

Q: How do you expect us to remember such things? I can’t remember what I ate yesterday!

EDIT: ^ I just totally confused this thread for the Can you touch your shoulders one.

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Oh wow! @evooba how? Lol
That was my random thought because let me tell my no got a weird call from California and my grandmother got a weird call from Arizona. And I’m like WHT but we did not answer these calls though.

BUt why do you think it’s weird? It happens all the time.

Is because when we some times answer they don’t pick up.

It’s ain’t no weird. Btw, I hate landline because you can’t see who’s calling

OMG! I hate that as well as @NickGr.

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Our chemistry lecturer has a TFK ringtone, lol