Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion!

Noobs. N00bs everywhere…


12 topics a day? Seriously?

When I get home from work I’ll attempt to make a FAQ topic for the pre-sales to centralize it all, if the forum hasn’t burned down by then


Wow, chaos everywhere!


Anniversary of Kurt’s death :sob::sob:

They sure love to eat, don’t they?


So… I’ve been really busy lately and I literally have no time to do anything anymore. That includes listening to music every afternoon like I used to. I feel like something is missing and it’s so odd… I don’t know how to explain it but yeah, it sucks.

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Oh my, seems that I’m in love again. Didn’t end well last time

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Yesterday I was hanging out in park with my friends, we’re sitting on the bench and talking about random things then one guy comes to us and asking: "Hey I’ve lost my hash somewhere here did you saw it ? He’s just shut us…I wan’t to say him that we’ve already smoke his stuff and I’ve never seen talking pink bunny but I just said NO.

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The happiness of coming home and finding this waiting for you


Yeah, still not seeing this thread in any of the main hubs. Only when I search for it.

this seems to be your problem only… dunno if thread mutes works like that( maybe you’ve accidentally muted it?)

I never saw that until now, hahaha

Wow I feel like a n00b.

Why do most of Steam games are so shitty ported to macOS? Even wineskin ports work much better. Valve and SquareEnix are the only exceptions

Why is everything so Heavy? :joy:

My thoughts are I hope that this new album is my favorite than Hybrid theory and the rest of the albums. But who knows right.

Do you ever have one of those days where you’re feeling down, almost like you’re depressed, and you don’t know why?

And then you try falling asleep…


Oh yes all the time, but one time it was not a ordinary depression moment it was a “numb” moment. I never felt that way before though.

I had a really good day today at work, it’s amazing how sometimes you know some people for a short period of time but they feel like family.

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Why do EVERY social network has this story stuff? It’s a mainstream. Good for Instagram, but compeletely useless for any other medias(Facebook, What’sApp, etc)

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