Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion!

yeah I know that but I have to make one though.

Where is that because I want to make one. Do you have an account on that and if you do can you give me the link.

We should make one because I want to talk to you guys on twitter to no doubt about it

No, you don’t. There’s no need to create another thread with the same topic.

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im not sure but just look it up by typing twitter theres alot of links

Ok I will thanks you.

Listening to a bootleg Linkin Park show from 2007 and Mike said that it was the tenth year that LP had been together.

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@LP13413 I was also watching a very old video of Linkin Park in the 2000 to 2001 concert ad wow the were so young then. They have changed a lot because if you compared both videos like the older concerts or video and look at the new video and concerts you be like woooow they changed A LOT! No lie about it. But I do know no more jumping!

La. Lalala. Lala. I need to record more songs for my YouTube if i have a voice at all today.

I am so fucking sore from shoveling 2+ feet of snow the last couple days. God, I need a hot bath or something.


Oh, and happy birthday Joe Hahn.


(her name here) I wish to comeback to those years, when I used to see you smiling everytime we were chatting.
I wonder if you could see this. It’s been a while. What happened to you? give me back that old version of you… I miss you.

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@gonzalomartln are you feeling down or something.

That feeling when everyone in your family/most of your friends recoginze LP/LPU logo in any kind of it


I just listened to The Hunting Party and A Thousand Suns. Man, I love this band!


To date, those are also my favorite LP discs. The way both albums are constructed and sequenced, makes them stand out above the rest for me.


Happy St. Paddy’s day guys! :slight_smile:


That’s so funny because The Hunting Party has to be my second least favorite album of mine and A Thousand Suns is third least favorite. And this is why LP can’t listen to the fact that some bands “HATE” their new music.

Yes, Happy St Patrick’s Day to Everyone :grin:


What I did last night…


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So many questions about life…