Does any of you awesome LPU members have twitter?
I just got my account, and I think its really epic!
So if you have twitter, post your twitter name on here so everyone can follow each other on twitter! My twitter name is @Erlingz , or
Yeah! And I follow back all LPUers who follow me off :wink:
So let’s gather on twitter!

my personal T → @SergioRevMetal
the T of my web page is → @espametal

Follow me!!

my name ist LPDianaLP
I hope you find me =)

My Nick at Twitter, is the same as here, LPfan1989

My name is Peer9lle :wink:

My Twitter: Tina76LP :slight_smile:

My twitter: @DerekJOswald

Twitter rules, Hell Yeah \o/
My Twitter username: @isa_lalouani

Here is mine: @ReniLPShinoda :slight_smile:

An opportunity for a plug? Yes please!

My Twitter handle is @sotrix

Mine’s @sofifagnilli :slight_smile:

for those who wish:

My twitter: @lpfmfan

mine is @octaH

edit: changed my username recently to @schmocta

I’m @Ekzzozo

@LPSOLDIERSFTW (the one I use most) [mrgreen]




I’m @zoscha