Random Thoughts Thread: The Reunion!

WHAT!?! NO!! Links please!! :smiley:




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Web Archive is a really bittersweet website to visit.

Although it’s great that I can comb through some of the old sites I used to spend aa lot of time on when I was younger…most of the links don’t go anywhere.


So do anyone have twitter

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theres a thread on twitter for lpunderground they post all their twitter accounts look it up!

I would love to but i have to create one I will create one soon though promise that.

@annejprado @coolcat96 You guys, the link is right above your comments.


I’m only on Facebook (and YouTube) I have no need (or interest) for anything else.

Just for future reference:


yeah I know that but I have to make one though.

Where is that because I want to make one. Do you have an account on that and if you do can you give me the link.

We should make one because I want to talk to you guys on twitter to no doubt about it

No, you don’t. There’s no need to create another thread with the same topic.

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im not sure but just look it up by typing twitter theres alot of links

Ok I will thanks you.

Listening to a bootleg Linkin Park show from 2007 and Mike said that it was the tenth year that LP had been together.

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@LP13413 I was also watching a very old video of Linkin Park in the 2000 to 2001 concert ad wow the were so young then. They have changed a lot because if you compared both videos like the older concerts or video and look at the new video and concerts you be like woooow they changed A LOT! No lie about it. But I do know no more jumping!

La. Lalala. Lala. I need to record more songs for my YouTube if i have a voice at all today.

I am so fucking sore from shoveling 2+ feet of snow the last couple days. God, I need a hot bath or something.


Oh, and happy birthday Joe Hahn.