Not a good day :/

“I don’t like my mind right now…” :sob:
Hurts everyday. Every time I remember all people i lost.
My mind is not a safe place. That’s all


You can say what you want and what you feel.

But please don’t create post of 1 line. You can see the other topics similar to this.

@jFar920 can help you.

So sorry. My first time here. I don’t know the rules, yet. @ironsoldier16


I understand you. We can help you :slight_smile: you can check it out the game area or the code of conduct anytime.


Thanks :relaxed:

Your welcome.

And welcome to the forum. I hope you like this place, any thing you can ask me and I will help you in all I can.


Nooo! Stop making sad posties

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If you’re feeling depressed, take a look through this topic here:

Otherwise, you can also post in [u]Rest in peace Chester[/u] or join the [u]unofficial Discord[/u].

I’m going to go ahead and close this topic, but just know, you aren’t alone, I feel like I speak for everyone here by saying if you post in one of those links above, someone will be there to listen