🗨 Linkin Park Discord Server (Chat)

With the recent passing of Chester, and even before then, I’ve seen a lot of people ask about what happen the old LP Underground chat. We don’t really have a centralized location to chat anymore, aside from the forum, but it isn’t real-time. The chat is/was supposed to return soon on the mobile Linkin Park app, but again, with the recent events soon might not be good enough for some.

So, because of this, I created a temporary, unofficial chat server using Discord that anyone can join in on. Discord was made primarily with gaming in mind, but it can function as much more than that now. It is very similar to the old LP Underground chat, but with the lack of video support, although it does have voice chat. It could also be compared to IRC chats if anyone is familiar with those.

Given that this is unofficial, I want to say now that if in the future a official Linkin Park chat does open up, this server most likely will be closed down, but for the time being, it is a useful way to talk to other fans.

You can join the server at https://discord.gg/BBENb5m. Feel free to invite anyone else outside of the forum, anyone is welcome, LPU member or not.

If you need additional support, join LPLive’s Help Line Discord at https://discord.gg/YdqbAfm


I think that this is a great idea. Is there a room for emotional support? I think that would be great for some of the users here.


There isn’t one at the moment, but I can definitely add one


GREAT idea! I missed coming to those chats. Back in the day it was an enjoyable way to get to know other lpu fans around the world. Discuss LP songs and brainstorm creative ideas!!
I also understand it may need to be closely monitored and specific rules set in place so the chats can be a healing, comforting, totally awesomeness, peaceful, supportive and enjoyable place for all who enter. Thank you for creating a place for LP fans to uplift one another, especially in this difficult season.


@jFar920! Happy birthday! And I’m sorry I didn’t say “her” earlier :exploding_head:


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Yes, it’s not my birthday, it’s just the day I joined LPU 10, which is as far back as the join dates go. And I’m also guessing she said I’m a girl, which would also be incorrect


@intheend is going back in the box :rage:
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Well it seems that I was slightly late to the party, on at least saying it publicly. LPLive also made a Discord.

Edit: After a short talk with @derek, we’re gonna keep this one open, as the LPLive one is dedicated to only emotional support, and this one will serve other purposes. And @rvi, since it is swapping back to the general chat, I’m going to move it back to #linkin-park since it’s not only for remembering Chester

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I’m sorry guys I just can’t stop giggling after reading your convo. Sorry for eye dropping…Um especially putting someone in a box for a time out?! :astonished::joy::rofl: I hope my reply puts a smile on your faces and not a frown. Can I just be honest, open , and transparent? :grimacing: It was too funny!


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I wish I could add it to both categories, just thought it would be easier for people to find and relate to. Either way, great idea!

Yeah, I was torn between both myself, but with LPLive’s Discord, it makes more sense to make it just #linkin-park

Edit: R0B0T B0Y has been added to the chat. He can’t do much at the moment, though

There has been a major disturbance in force, @intheend has been helpful these days instead of issuing death threats. Makes me feel uneasy.


Aww we have a Discord server huh? :joy:

(Edit: Invite link has been expired :confused:)

The link is set to never expire, are you sure?