🗨 Linkin Park Discord Server (Chat)

Still no luck

Testing Discord now for moment. :slight_smile:



Slowly but surely…I will be back to the old meme


Are you the potato on the LP app? There’s a potato called InTheEnd

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Yes. I am that potato :potato:




Thanks @jFar920 :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Honey8

Can you generate me an invite link for the server?

Sure @NoireXJasper only if it does not get struck like plugdj. I will just check :slight_smile:

https://discord.gg/e9wpctA @NoireXJasper try that :slight_smile:

It works. Thanks :joy:

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@jFar920 @NoireXJasper

Thank you for being patient with me Mr. Computer Whiz :slightly_smiling_face: as I slowly checked out chat tonight.

Nice talking to you Jasper…sorta talking. Hope you conquered the game you were playing. Ha! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

See you guys in chat soon.

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@jFar920 FYI, the ninja did tweet. Yay! :raised_hands:t3:


@jFar920 thanks a lot for this chat room. I am enjoying it. Chatting since 2 days .You are a good mod :slight_smile: :smile:

Discord is kinda nice chat app (Probably a gaming chat app) but it really sucks when you’re on mobile

Never used the mobile version, is it really that bad? Also, yeah its for gaming

Not actually the worse but seems kinda moderate (Between good and bad)…

Edit: Its because of what did I just saw when you already out from the VC but still you’re there in

I do agree it is glitchy on androids…cause it does not shows any pics or