Pls read and answer me: let's try fight against depression

Sorry for bad english, btw.

Chester’s death shocked us all, it showed us what a friend’s missing can do, what a sin as depression can make us do…

Before and after that tragedy, in this period I’m relating with several friends suffering depression and passing through suicidal thoughts; it’s still happening and I’m afraid.
I want to help them and that’s why I’m posting here hoping for replies: if you ever felt depressed tell me what woulf have you needed to be said or what people next to you were supposed to do to make you feel better; if you ever faced anyone depressed help me cause I’m unable to read all of the sign, unable to understand even my closest friends.
Sometimes talking is not enough, sometimes we need to get closer to them and read through them, some people hide the seeking of help. I don’t know what to do, I’m afraid to fall in depression too…
I don’t want to lose those people cause I’ll surely lose myself too.
thanks for anyone who’ll reply.


Be where for them, listen if they’re able to talk about it, don’t counseil them but hug them. Let them cry on your shoulder and hold them tight, we need presence and confort to help fighting our demons.


Would you be so kind, tell me please, to cope with problems. How have you taken the power?

LP is my force, they need something to hold on to, a passion whatever it’s could be to occupied the mind enough to let the time do his work, it’s the only thing which works for me and i’m alone i don’t know how it works when you have à friend who trully cares and don’t want to let you down, just don’t be invasive unless you feel it’s needed trust your heart he’ll lead you

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Believe in yourself…nothings gonna happen.
If you talk about scars… They will heal with the time. Everything will be okay. Dont be stressed. :slight_smile:

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People I’m talking about mostly try to hide the fact they want to talk, they just blame the world for feeling so alone no matter how much I tell them is not true

If they’re not ready to talk you can do nothing, they have to do the first move to get better, being concious of their problem to get over it, if you can’t name it you can’t fight it

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Sometimes we’re relating with problem bigger then our competences :confused:

And then there is medical help, but if they don’t talk it’s pointless, sophro helps me a lot and gave me the opportunity to stop medication

Praying peace upon their hearts and minds would be the very first thing I would do. Just being there for them physically and spiritually. Always speaking words of life that will lift them up. Loving them unconditionally and being attentive to their cries inward as well as outward. Allowing them to speak what’s on their hearts. And just being that comfort, strength and support will make all the world of difference to them The world can be a heartless place to live in so we all need to be kind and forgiving to one another. Hope this helps you my friend. Be encouraged! Peace to you :pray:t3:

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In my case. The time I passed depressed I only needed one thing: her presence.

Let me tell you my story:
My mother didn’t love me enough. My aunt did it taking care for me and helping me in the school. She passed away almost 6 years ago.

I felt in a deep depression, all I wanted was see her again. Something impossible, but, in that mental state, I couldn’t understand that, I wanted that she comes back!

I reached the point of find someone to talk, but no just for a few hours, I wanted someone who spend all his/her time with me. I was getting crazy and I was losing the control of myself.

Thanks to my father and brother I could put out all this depression. What did they do? Just give my space and comprehend me.

If you want help someone else just take this in mind: No all the people wants to be saved, some of them just want to be heard. That’s what my father told me in that occasion.

I hope my answer can help you in something.


What a touching story, bro, I can barely imagine the pain you came through.
I’ll made treasure of your experience and story, thank you a lot

I wish I can be the scapegoat of everyone’s hearth, but it’s not always possible. Sometimes It’s like I can not do anything for people cause of physical distance or broken relationship as friendship for example.
I’ll try for sure to be the presence they need, whey want even if it costs me to look like a stalker or an obsessive figure.
Thanks man, peace to you too :smiley:

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it looks hard to manage, but hope it will help souls and minds and hearts

there’s a live chat for everyone who wants to come talk about LP and Chester (and anything else too!).
we are helping & supporting each other through these hard times, together we are strong :sparkling_heart:


I’ll take a look then, didn’t know about it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks. The good part is that now I more analyst and it helped me to decrease the pain.

At least you sincerely care for this person. Being a friend and listening to their heart. Not stalkerish or a creepy figure you know? I’m sure there’s a root to the depression, it stems from a hurt? Anyway, you’ll know what to do. Listen to your heart. :slight_smile: Peace


I don’t like talking about my mental health issues with my friends because it’s hard for me to explain, and when I talk about it I get insecure and anxious, and I end up sounding stupid, and it’s useless… But what I’ve been thinking recently is that maybe it would be good if I could explain them in a letter, because I’m better at writing than at speaking. If you think any of your friends might feel more comfortable sharing their feelings writing it down rather than talking directly to you, maybe you could give them that option. Even if they end up not giving you the letter, a lot of times just writing can help to make sense of what you’re feeling.


Nobody is useless…everyone of us belongs somewhere and have a role in this world…maybe it’s not seen straight away, but sooner or later you’ll find your place and then enjoy the journey…:wink:

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