Make a wish- wish granted

I didn’t say I want to swim :slight_smile:

But you’ll be freezing on the surface, since you teleported there in your bikini :stuck_out_tongue:


I wish I get some free time today. An complete all my work early.

Granted, you’ll get your work completed early, but then you’ll have to do stuff that your mother and brother asked you to do. Your free time will only be in the middle of the night. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will extend it! On your free time you will have to go shopping for at least 5 hours !!!

Why did you reply to me? I was granting @Honey8’s wish.

Ok, I wish I’m not bored right now.

Granted, kids throw rocks on your windows, glass is broken in thousand little pieces…get a broom…you’re not bored anymore

I wish Lp would come to Singapore and ive been wishing for this for the past 6years and its been 2190 days of wishing. Grant my wish pleaaesseeeee

Wish granted…they will come…but it will be sold out before you have the chance to get a ticket :slight_smile:

I wish I’ll stop accidentally stubbing my toe.

Thats worst thing ever!!!

@Honey8 grant my wish, and don’t say that I don’t have anymore toes or similar.

Granted you will stop stubbing your toes… you will stub the toes of everyone who is in front of you!!!

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I wish there will be an ice age very very soon.

Granted!!! But it will be ice age 5!

I wish slapping was an acceptable behaviour,!

How did you know which ice age I didn’t want?

Granted, everybody slaps you now

Damn, recently my father received one such message asking whether he still has a unit available for sale. He should not have deleted the message, and instead push to sell this unit:

I wish I can retrieve that deleted conversation from his phone, so that I can send a message to that unknown person to get them to purchase the [spoiler]run-down[/spoiler] apartment unit that we couldn’t sell.

Make a wish!!!

This whole damn thing was my wish, but you totally managed to miss it @georkost :angry:

Awww don’t be upset!!! You will find the number and it is going to be a mistake and the person actually want to sell to you a second one!! :slight_smile:

Not buy from us? Damn.

Ok seriously, I wish someone will bomb the entire row of run-down apartments (among them, the apartment unit we couldn’t sell), especially the security post, to the ground. I want to see nothing left of it.