The last time I

Same here

I know @the_termin8r you are great person and can be up till 34. Well I have never been more than 20.

Last time you enjoyed your workout…

I only made 39h once, otherwise I have a relatively normal sleep pattern.

Oh wow!!

Happy to hear that…no insomnia😜 (kidding)

No, that 39 was caused by the 35C in my room that night.

Oh then ok. If talking about temp. Then there are many nights I also haven’t slept :no_mouth:

Only @georkost enjoys :stuck_out_tongue:

Last time you received a Whatsapp message from an unknown number.

For sure I enjoy it!!! Everyday I look forward for my workout… #not


A few weeks ago. It was a friend from the university LOL.

Last time I feel like sh** (sorry for the bad word…)

Emotionally last night, physically now! I am too tired :slight_smile:

The last time I asked for a favour

@georkost take a rest.

Yesterday in the work.

Last time I used the Google’s translate.

About two weeks. I translated a damien rice dong for a friend( for the record ,translation didn’t make sense)…
@ironsoldier16 I will…I hope so :slight_smile:

Last time I saw a bat

Sometimes it confuses more than help jaja.

7-10 years ago, it was in my room :confounded:

Last time I had to say a bad new.

NO whatsapp …lol :stuck_out_tongue:

i didn’t get it :confused:

Last time you ate but still felt hungry.

All the time :smile:

Last time I ate something I didn’t like much because I was hungry

Well, …i guess 2 days ago

Now something good… last time you ate something you like :slight_smile:

Easy! Last week that frozen orange thing I made

Last time I woke up fully energised

Well, not this month. Maybe june starting.


To me it is a myth!!! I have heard about it, but it never happened to me…

Last time I was bitten by a mosquito

you can say same to me!!!

lol easy, last night

last time you wanted to do something crazy