The last time I

Yesterday. I woke up like a zombie.

1 year ago, it was Half Life 2 Episode 2.

Last time you played with the dinosaur of Google.

Happens everyday!

2 days ago

Last time you went to any art show or exhibition

6 months ago… to the national museum of modern art…
I wanted to forget it :slight_smile:

The last time I called somebody just to hear his/hers voice

Never, I don’t call people, people call me (much to my annoyance most of the time). The only person I ever call is my dad and that’s so that he can pick me up from the station :joy:

Last time I annoyed someone.

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They are all golden moments…I am super annoying so, I cannot tell which one is closest to now :grinning:

The last time I cooked something

Hmm… was it 3 or so nights ago? I think so.

Last time you watched TV…

10-15 days ago… Tv is always occupied and when is free I am already dead :slight_smile:

The last time I heard a relatable song

Yeah! Me too. I dont call people,people call me. I may be having some 10 messages of my friends on my mom’s WhatsApp since last week. Yep no seen :joy:

5 days

The last time you were annoyed

10 minutes ago…


I guess 2 days ago…my days are going quite happy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

That’s great!

The last time I wanted to eat something unusual

Right now. Beans with sugar…

Last time I heard all the Lpu songs.

It’s been a while.

Last time you cycled…

A while back, I still need to sort my front derailleur out.

Last time I crashed my bicycle?

20 years ago!

Last time I played an instrument?

That would be 2009.

Last time you listened to Linkin Park and managed to pull off a good Chester scream during one of the songs

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Well I used a pair of screwdrivers as air drum sticks the other day :joy:

Last time I properly lost my temper

2h ago in my job.

The last time you spend the night alone at home.

Never, my family has nowhere to be at night :stuck_out_tongue:

Last time I was up for 24 or more hours straight.

Same here

I know @the_termin8r you are great person and can be up till 34. Well I have never been more than 20.

Last time you enjoyed your workout…