The last time I

Never. I have never cried hearing a song


On Tuesday.

Last time you woke up on your own without having set an alarm…


last time you went to your cousin’s place

Over 13 years ago

Last time I went abroad?

:sob: :confounded: :weary:
never! I want to!!!

you must have went i guess…

Why don’t you want to go? It’s great. And yeah, I’ve been to several countries.

damn cool!!!

I meant i have never went! and i am willing to. If it was in my hand i would have left everything and went away. Maybe communicating with you from my own phone, joined whatsapp group. would be there waiting for next concert in europe

last time you had ice-cream

A few days ago.

Last time you been to someone else’s house?

A month ago

last time you had a celebration

Never. I’ve been closed to do, but it doesn’t happen.

06/25/17: Teacher’s day in my country.

Last time you read a book.

Today. Linkin Parks’ From the Inside - about the making of meteora.

Last time you played a song that you absolutely love and you went mad over it.

Some 2 weeks ago. It was imagine dragons- whatever it takes

Last time you watched a funny movie

Zootopia. I’m 22 but I still like some children’s films.

Last time you spent a day without cellphone or laptop or any other electrical appliance.

It was a week ago


Like 2 or 3 weeks ago.

My tablet was ruined for a month. That’s why I wasn’t here for a while.

I passed those weeks writing and, maybe, tomorrow I will publish a short history based on One More Light.

Last time you played as a little child.

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Today lol

and you?

Jaja that’s fun and good.

Umm… I work with kid, but the last time I did it… Umm… Like 5 months.

I guess I need to play as one today (Sunday.)

Last time a pet tried to bite you.

My pet actually never bites. I was just once when she was new…i guess some 6 years

When was the last time you played pc game

5 minutes ago…(mom of 2!! )

Last time time you woke up and wanted to just turn around and sleep more?