The last time I

When was the last time you did something?
Answer and make a new question !
(Inspiration from an O.T with @the_termin8r)


The last time I cried laughing?

A couple of nights ago me and my friend were speaking memes… :joy:
The last time I’ve missed the deadline?

Still missing the deadline :grimacing:
I had to knit some yoga socks for a friend…her birthday was on 23rd of May… I will finish them

The last time I had a headache

A week ago or so
The last time I haven’t slept for the whole night

3 days ago

The last time I wanted to scream?

About 2 month ago
The last time I’ve listened to LP?

2minutes ago (now I am searching for an interview that I cannot remember how to search for it!!!)

The last time I heard a bad song

A few hours ago, watching a review of a movie(the movie itself collected the worst music ever made)
Last time I’ve drank some coke

A few hours ago

The last time I killed someone or something.

I wanted to kill someone this morning.

The last time I went out…

A few hours ago
The last time I’ve burned someone using a RC

LOL, not that long ago, the day you saw the last flamethrower footage I set my foot on fire trying to stomp out another fire I started :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

Last time I died inside a little…or a lot.

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Few days ago…I saw a post on facebook…

Last time I said something that was very funny

I was joking when I was watching mock the week.

Last time I wanted to make someone apologise to me

4-5 hours ago!!! My daughter wasn’t so nice talking to me…

Last time I wanted to slap someone

I don’t slap, I kill, but honestly I can’t remember

Last time I was scared

Yesterday…I saw a car coming towards me…

Last time I felt alone

Last time when you were angry! Mad angry!
@georkost nice thread!

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Today in the house.

Last time you cried hearing a song.