Make a wish- wish granted

Εdit for clarification! You can grant any wish you want, it doesn’'t have to be the last one :slight_smile:
I start I wish I could draw like a pro!


granted, you can drawn like a pro.

You have to make “bad” my wish!
What’s your wish?

I said “drawn”, isn’t that bad enough?

I wish I could sing well.


It was fine​:joy: I didn’t get it the first time!!! :joy::joy:

But you can only sing well 1 song of Justin Bieber😂

I wish the extreme heat would go away.

Grabted 365 days of rain iand extreme cold are ahead

Aka @the_termin8r’s pipe dream

@georkost you’re supposed to give another wish.

I wish I could go go to every concert I want wherever it is

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Am I the only one that enjoys heat and want to live in an endless summer???

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Granted, but you cannot enter the concert venue, can only wait outside. Also, if you wait too long outside, the security may think that you’re a terrorist and arrest you.

Sure, move to Mercury and see how that works for you :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhh you completely destroyed my wish!!! I am really crying laughing!!!

Well I want sea too, so mercury is out of my options!!! :smiley:

Make a wish!

If you’ve been to the forums a year or two ago, you would’ve realised that I used to actively communicate with @theearlywalker, but for a few months already, she has cut off all forms of communication with me. Long story short, I wish to successfully reestablish communications with @theearlywalker.

Pfff I don’t want to crash this wish… But I’ll give it a shot
Granted, but she will make you join and be active to the most boring forums!

I wish I could make some people realise how important are to me

Throw im some fog and I’ll be even happier.

This place would be my nightmare!!! If you add wind too!!

Oh, I thought wind came as standard, add some decent 70 mph wind as well then.

Tell me if this place exists to mark it off my map!!!

If it does I’m moving there immediately.