Make a wish- wish granted

I can tell you a place that is not for you!!!
Greece… 280 days of sun and the lowest temperature (at least in Athens) this year was -5 °C … now it is 33 °C (95 F i think) and sunny

We’ve been getting low to mid 30s in the UK too.

So now whose wish is what ?? What should i reply?

@Honey8 make a new wish!!!

I wish i get a guitar this birthday :relaxed:

Wish granted , there are no strings :slight_smile:

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I grant your wish, you will get a picture of a guitar

I wish for a cheese burger, that is completely edible.

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Wish granted it is rotten…

I wish I had 1.000.000 euros

Lol guys​:joy::joy::joy:
You are eating that cheese burger but its completely spoiled…kept till 2 days

Granted, they’re video game currency called ‘euros’ but have no value as real money.

I wish I got shot in the head with a real bullet.

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Omg i kinda same replies😅

Wish granted living the same day again and again…

I wish I had someone to clean my house everyday

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Got you! :stuck_out_tongue: You’re wish is not a bad one, I’m a terminator, bullets have no effect on me and I travel through time. I win :joy:

Granted, that someone is you

I wish for infinite wishes

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Lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:

A terminator can live in infinite years on galaxy lol :rofl:


I woke my son up from laughing!!!

Wish granted , this is your only infinite wishes for one minute!

Granted infinite wishes which are never gonna come true


I was about to reply this one :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I wish for batter day ahead…half time was boring
Lol @NoireXJasper

Plenty of time to rectify the problem :stuck_out_tongue: [quote=“Honey8, post:37, topic:29773, full:true”]
Granted infinite wishes which are never gonna come true

Harsh :joy:

It will be better, for your friend but not you

I wish to get good grades