Make a wish- wish granted

Wish granted…for the next 20 years you will not hav e a place to live…

Lol, but the run-down apartments are in a different town far away (think four-hour drive there). The air raid can’t possibly affect me. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t want your wish to be done you will stay in your house :slight_smile:

I was referring to the apartment unit in the run-down apartment my family cannot sell.

I think I get it. If they found out who ordered the air raids to the run-down apartments, home for the 20 years would be jail.

I wish mosquitoes will stop biting me.

Granted , bees are on their way!!!

I wish I could sleep right now

granted…your bed is broken. Sleep on floor

I wish i could complete all weekend work today itself

Don’t worry, the bees that have ever entered so far have never stung.

Don’t worry then, bed bugs are there for you :stuck_out_tongue:

@georkost what is going on?

What makes you think I know???

I wish I knew :joy::joy:

Wish granted: You now know and now you are lost inside the wall of the labyrinth

I wish I was on a tropical island.

Granted you will have the company of every fly and mosquito of the island (mosquitoes will do what they do best. :slight_smile: )

I wish I will be out of the labyrinth :joy:

Granted; you find your way out of the labyrinth… And find yourself trapped in a room with Justin Bieber sitting in bed with Justin Bieber sheets.

I wish for lemon ice cream.

Granted it isade with rotten lemons and sugar with flies…

(@gatsie, really?? What have I done to you to grant my wish this way???)

I wish it wasn’t justin bieber it was someone else wearing a mask!

This was the most corrupted thing I could think of :innocent::crazy_face:

But here ya go, another wish granted:

It’s Kim Kardashian with so much cake on her face that it’s a mask.

I wish for something to relax my stomach after that tasty ice cream.

Granted, sodium bicarbonate will help neutralise the acid in your stomach.

I wish tomorrow morning there will be an enormous volcanic eruption in a far away island, so that the volcanic plume will cover the stratosphere and cool the Earth down.

Wish granted now you’ve done it another Ice Age I wish to go to the moon :crescent_moon:

I wish that i somehow get school off today.