‼ LP Underground 17 Available Now!


The 17th year of LP Underground has finally been formally announced and released, and while I know there are already a few topics about it’s arrival, I’m creating this one for one central location to discuss everything such as changes, questions, and reactions. Bigger issues may be made into their own topics, but quick questions are better off kept here.

Below is a quick rundown of everything LPU 17 has to offer. You can get more information as well as purchase any of these tiers at http://lpunderground.com/.

image ($10.00)

The LPU Digital Membership includes a one year membership to Linkin Park Underground. This includes all of the same benefits as the bundles below, but does not include any merchandise (although most of it can be bought separately at a later time without purchasing another membership; see below).

Some of the benefits to having a LP Underground membership means having access to member only content, which includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • LPU Exclusive Videos
  • Streams of LP Underground’s discography
  • Exclusive Downloads & Merchandise
  • Monthly giveaways
  • VIP access on the Linkin Park app (available on iOS and Android)

If you are currently an LP Underground member, you already have access to all of these perks. You do not have to pay for another membership to access new offers brought upon by LPU 17.

image ($35.00 / $40.00)


The standard LPU 17 Bundle includes the following merchandise:

  • LPU 17 T-Shirt (Men & Women’s Sizes)
  • LPU 17 Laminate & Lanyard
  • LPU 17 Sticker
  • LPU 17 Guitar Pick
  • One More Light Enamel Pin

Anyone who doesn’t currently have an active LPU membership (or wishes to extend their current membership) can buy this bundle for $40.00 and receive the LPU Digital Membership along with the merchandise. For a limited time (while supplies last), those who buy this version of the bundle will also receive an LPU Fidget Spinner.

Members with active memberships that do not wish to extend their membership period can purchase the merchandise separately for $35.00. This version of the bundle does not include the LPU Fidget Spinner, though it can be purchased separately from the LP Underground store for $10.00.

The merchandise package without the membership can be found at https://linkinpark.com/lpu/store/.

image ($89.00)


For $89.00, the LPU 17 Deluxe Bundle includes everything the standard bundle offers, as well as bit more. This extra merchandise includes:

  • Linkin Park Packable Cinch Bag (Hex Compact SackPack)
  • Linkin Park Tiger Master Water Bottle

For a limited time (while supplies last), this bundle will also include an LPU Fidget Spinner and a Linkin Park Bridge Poster.

This bundle does not offer a version without the LPU Digital Membership, meaning members with active membership who purchase this bundle will extend their membership period by another year.

The Packable Cinch Bag can currently be purchased separately from the Linkin Park store at https://store.linkinpark.com/ for $24.99. At the moment, the Linkin Park Bridge Poster is sold out, and the Tiger Master Water Bottle is exclusive to the LPU 17 Deluxe Bundle.

Please note that purchasing any of these tiers that include a membership enables automatic renewals of said membership after the period expires. You will not be charged before the membership expires, and you be notified by email prior to its expiration. If you wish to disable this feature, go to https://linkinpark.com/me, click on “MANAGE MEMBERSHIP” and uncheck"Auto-Renewal". More information about the automatic renewal process can be found at LPU Membership auto-renew.

All LPU 17 merchandise will begin to ship the week of December 13th, 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I purchase a membership and I am already an LPU member?

If you already have an active membership, purchasing another membership will extend your current membership period by another year. Nothing will be canceled and no time will be lost.

Where is the LPU 17 CD?

As of right now, there is not an LPU CD for LPU 17. While I do not speak for LPU HQ, please understand that with the circumstances of Chester’s passing, it is understandable that things probably aren’t going as originally planned. LPU HQ is still open to the idea of music release for this year of LPU, going by this tweet by Lorenzo.

Please do not pester or harass the band or LPU HQ for not including a CD with this year’s LP Underground packages. It is 100% understandable that you may not want to renew your membership if there isn’t a CD included, but the best way to let LPU HQ know is to tell them nicely and show your support. We are all still hurting from Chester’s passing, there is no need to be angry over the lack of a CD.


Oh lol, I got mine set up too :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Plus a few others :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a big deal, it’s all ok. I had asked @aaran to make a temporary topic for me while I was at work to avoid multiple topics but something as big as a new LPU release is going to lead to duplicate topics


I only care about the music, the rest is spam to me. Do you get free access to the new tracks if you already have an LPU account?


Im a bit confused because my auto renewal for my membership isnt due until end of next year.
How does that work if I buy one of the bundles that includes a years membership? (I paid my yearly membership sept this year)

I wouldve thought that the one more light live album be a part of the bundle.

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I have it too… I’m confused :neutral_face:


Im a bit confused because my auto renewal for my membership isnt due until end of next year.

How does that work? I just buy the 17 membership, so my 16 membership was lost? (I paid my yearly membership July this year)

I went to manage membership and mine has automatically said im now lpu17 even though I paid sept this year for lpu16 and my auto renewal is next year.

I want to get the deluxe bundle but it includes the yearly membership and im not sure if that’ll muck up my current membership :frowning:


They will add on the year membership to your current one I believe, so if you were to get it, you’d have lpu membership until sept 2019 if I remember correctly
Either that or they’ll give you a code for the membership, I have my spare code for a year from the oml cd purchase I still haven’t plugged in


It won’t mess your membership up you’ll just have that extra year added on, maybe plan on getting only the merch next year vs merch and membership

It’s what I’m doing this year, mercy only and I’ll use my membership code from oml


Cool :slight_smile:
What does the membership code do? Is it like a discount voucher?

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Yeah it’s the year membership itself, they just give you the code as opposed to them adding it in-I suppose in case you want to gift it or something
You act like you’re purchasing the year membership then input the code at checkout and it ends up at $0.00


:pray: Rose was chester’s favorite color :broken_heart:. This is the most beautiful and loving homage to Chester. My heart is racing and my soul is crying .


I think my membership finishes in 2021 :joy: haha


Lmaoooo yeah I figure that’s what’ll end up happening with so many purchases :joy: at least you’re set til then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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(In low voice) even if you don’t have LPU membership? :disappointed_relieved:

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I don’t think there ARE any new tracks with this one