LPU 17 Release Info?


Do u think mike will say something if they going to do lpu 17?


LPU 16 was released on November 21st last year. We didn’t get any information about it until exactly a week beforehand on November 14th. The fact that we don’t have any information yet isn’t indicative of anything one way or another.


Maybe they need some more time… like i suggested before: there were some plans maybe, but after C… they surely would change it.


The LPU release times have been all over the place over the years. We used to have information about the packages in October. I think there will most likely be a delay this year.


To be honest they do love music, and do tough enough to hold the band all these years, I believe they will keep going. The situation is unpromising, the reason inside is he’s passing, and outside… well outside now just like the MTV <>… Although electronic music are popular these days, but I have one sense Linkin Park’s second peak time will coming soon. Their music are kind and powerful, people in the dark need them. So in my opinion, the problem now is “how to keep going ”. As fans, we should trust and support, then offer help when they needed . The band and fans need each other, we shall go though together.

Wish they see this.


Continue creating songs like “Looking for an Answer” and Fort Minor(ish) type lyrics. Mike is good at that. I hope they don’t try and replace Chester.

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I hope that will Continue making new songs and mike have the voice for it. And no one will naver ever replace chester.


I was going to join when they released LP 17 so I hope they do, my hope is that the demo tracks will be Chester working on songs, and Mikes work in progress for looking for an answer. They have shared their love and memories with fans with the little snippet posts of Chester, and that’s what I hope they will continue with LP 17. But I also thought they may wait till December to announce it.


They’ve said about OML Live but I hope there will be a LPU dedicated to Chester album


I hope so. It’s November now but I hope they release it before the end of the year

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I’m a little surprised the OML Live Album isn’t a CD / DVD combo. I’m glad to get anything at this point but it would have been nice to see Chester performing.


Want to get the combo, maybe that is LPU 17.

I don’t wanna they try to replace Chester too, but the band maybe don’t want to limit to Fort Minor kinds…


I think they could be making updates to LPU right now. I’m seeing a few changes to the main page if i’m not mistaken.


LPU17 is coming!!


I’m stunned. I can’t believe how tirelessly the staff work despite the obvious difficulties…


Wow I’m excited to here that lpu 17 is coming.


so happy and can’t wait to see what surprise you made for us !!!


Got mine! Ordered, available now!

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As most of you know by now, LPU 17 has been released. Please continue discussion about it at ‼ LP Underground 17 Available Now!.

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