LPU Membership auto-renew

Hey all! I have seen a few of you comment on memberships auto-renewing so I wanted to shine some light on that. If your membership did, in fact, auto-renew, it’s only because you had auto-renew enabled. We would never charge your credit card on file unless Auto-Renew is active. Additionally, it is clearly stated in the cart during checkout as well as your web receipt that the membership renews annually!

So what happens if my LPU membership is on Auto-Renew you ask?
We send at least 2 emails to your account registered email reminding you that your membership will renew. If you have the $40 bundle membership your card on file will be charged $40 and after that you will also receive an email asking you to select a t-shirt size and update your shipping address. After that, you will be asked to pay for the shipping to complete your order. Digital memberships also get at least 2 email reminders and your card on file is charged $10 for another 12 months of membership.

Make sure you enable notifications from Linkin Park & Fullscreen Direct or you won’t get any emails at all from us. Only you can turn these notifications off, so if you stopped receiving emails from LPU / Fullscreen Direct it’s something you turned off.

You can update your email notification settings at https://linkinpark.com/me and by clicking on “Manage Account” / Settings / Notification Settings.

Of course, you yourself have access to changing the auto-renew setting if you choose to.

  1. Login to your account and visit: https://linkinpark.com/me
  2. Click on "Manage Membership” to the left below your profile image.
  3. There is a button there where you may turn off auto-renew for your membership.

I hope this information helps!

Questions? Email me: LPUHQ@LPUnderground.com

-Lorenzo / LPU HQ


I thought this sort of thing was obvious? I guess maybe I’ve got paranoia on my side because I learned the auto renew lesson on PSN some years ago.


Thank you Lorenzo! I need to check my account to make sure it IS on Auto Renew. :heart_eyes:


it´s all very comfortable and clear described- so you left no questions open, as always Lorenzo, thank you- great job!


Thank you guys!


Thank you. Translated it to the fans from Belarus fan-club as a reminder (I guess it’s actually obviously).

LPU 17? Just wondering it’s that time of year

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Lorenzo said it’s “coming soon” on Twitter!

I wonder what “soon” means to Lorenzo. For me it means today at 5PM :slight_smile:

LOL you’re right :blush::blush:

Can’t wait this will be a special one!!

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Isn’t every LPU always released on the same date?

+/- a two week period, yeah. We have now entered the start of that two week period

edit: well timed by myself. it was released just a few mins after haha

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Yeah, but usually with a cd of demos or rarities, what gives?

Just a little another inquiry to clear my confusion, Lorenzo!
I had just purchase LPU17 bundle + membership. But my membership (pic below) currently will be auto-renew only next year, 2018.
Question is, will my membership be overlapped?

it could overlap meaning your membership will just be added on to and last longer.

On the CD topic: We are holding on that project at this time, but will let LPU know as soon as we have any further updates to share! #LPU17


I understand what auto renew is but when you get charged the $40 for auto renew and receive nothing else and when you question it you get told you aren’t supposed to get anything with it cause nothing has come out. I also got an email that said that membership and merchandise will be 2 separate transactions from now on. Just curious on an auto renew of $40 What anyone else has received. We were told after talking to management that they would send something out that we would receive merchandise but still no info on any of that either.

Sounds like you were given the wrong info by FSD support. Please email me
and I will personally look into it: LPUHQ@LPUnderground.com

-Lorenzo / LPU HQ