LPU Membership auto-renew

guys, this is not about auto-renewal. But I’m just wondering, I ordered LPU17 membership on the 5th December and still haven’t received the parcel. Is there a certain date when these will be shipped or should I investigate in case it is lost somewhere? If anyone has any insight, would be great!

I ordered mine before it auto-renewed as well and haven’t received my package. It also seems like the payment wasn’t applied to my account. It tells me my next payment is Jan. 1. Any ideas? Thanks!

I hope someone can actually help me. I’m pretty sure I did not activate the auto-renewal, I did not even know this option existed until recently, since I am not on this site that often. I only discovered it after my credit card was charged $40 and so I checked for emails from LPU and found some in the spam folder. I was not planning to renew the membership for money reasons so I contacted LPHQ and FSDSupport, but no one answered so far. Does anyone know if it is possible to get his money back?
At some point after getting no answer from both I tried to just claim the bundle and let go of this issue, but the coupon I got by mail did not work as well. Everytime I tried it said that the coupon is ineligible in the cart section. At the moment I am really frustrated and don’t know what to do. I really would like to get my money back, since shipping to Europe is not that cheap, as well. I would really appreciate if someone could help me! Million thanks in advance!!!

Maybe @derek or @jFar920 can help you. Good luck.

If you contacted LPUHQ and FullscreenDirect, I don’t think there’s much else you can do at the moment other than wait. They probably haven’t responded because of the holidays, I’d give it a couple more days.

I’m actually waiting on a response from FSD, as well, and it’s been a few days. Different, yet similar issue, I’ll let you know if I get a response

Ok thank you! Let’s hope we get an answer soon.

They emailed me back while I was away on a trip and fixed my problem, did they get back to you?

All Auto Renew Info here: https://forum.linkinpark

You may get a refund by contacting our store team here:

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Hi, I have got a big problem. When I try to access to that link it seems to be broken, and I can’t find anywhere where to cancel the auto-renew… I need help

hello, not sure if you found it yet, and tbh I haven’t checked since they moved the site…but what youd usually do is open up a fresh page to log in, then BEFORE clicking on “forums” in the menu, move over instead to “my account”
once there, youll find a tab along the lines of “manage my account” or something similar and youll find it there :slightly_smiling_face: usually I just poke around in there until I find it haha :sweat_smile: