‼ LP Underground 17 Available Now!


@framos1792 I ended up choosing the pack without the membership (hopefully I dont regret it later lol)
I figure I dont really need the bag and bottle and ill save money which is good considering I havent even started Christmas shopping yet :stuck_out_tongue:


We are holding on that project at this time, but will let LPU know as soon as we have any further updates to share! #LPU17

Lorenzo posted this and in the comments said to look next year for info on the cd


:joy: :+1: merch only buddies for this year then haha unless maybe you’d consider the bigger package a Christmas gift for someone but then when it arrives you realize it’s not a proper gift for that hypothetical person and since you don’t want to return it, it’ll all have to stay with you :grimacing:
At least that’s how I would justify it to myself hehe

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I don’t think it’ll be part of this package either way though…

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What about me?
I just buy the 17 membership but I my 16 membership still was valid… so what going on with my 16 membership?


If you buy the new LPU 17, it will tack a year onto your expiration date. Nothing is lost.


(Forgot to post)


Got my standard bundle!! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Does LPU17 has a CD? I am distracted by the $10 fidget spinner!


No CD or Digital download


Thanx Jordan- :grin: great thread- after reading it I feel very good informed about everything on the LPU 17 - good job man :sunny:


Is it too late if i order the deluxe Package at the first of december?

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Why should it be too late? And heey @zinler :sunny:

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I like it how it’s all about Chester. I don’t really mind there’s no cd, we might get one later in the year. I’m just glad they decided to continue with the fan club.


Too late to have it shipped by the week of December 13th, or too late to receive the bonus merchandise?

If you want to know if it’s too late to get the extra merch, they will most likely modify the packages to say if/when the extras sold out, similar to how they did in LPU16 with the CD.

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For reference


Thought it could ve sold out

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Bought the deluxe ed. the delivery… damn
Anyways, it’s worth it
Hope USPS will be better than they usually are… at least a little faster


So we have to order the bundle even if we’re already a member of the LPU, right?
We don’t get it automatically, correct?


If you want to renew (add an extra year to your membership) you can, but you don’t have to.

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